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Latin America and the rise of the right

Latin America and the rise of the right How the Pink Tide ebbed and what can be done to stop the reactionaries

Brazil: Workers Party crisis shows limit of left’s strategy

Brazil: Workers Party crisis shows limit of left’s strategy As the right moves to overturn left governments in South America, important political arguments have been raised, writes Dave Sewell

Evo Morales wins third term in Bolivia

Evo Morales wins third term in Bolivia Bolivians overwhelmingly re-elected Evo Morales as president for a third term last Sunday with over 60 percent of the vote.

Bolivia 1952 - what did the socialists do?

The nationalists were not the only revolutionary opposition in Bolivia. The Workers’ Revolutionary Party (POR) was one of the world’s biggest Trotskyist organisations.

Bolivia 1952 - a glimpse of workers' power

This month, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bolivia’s revolution of 1952. Despite brutal repression, poverty and a low level of development, the stranglehold of the tin barons and the political elite was broken through revolutionary struggle.

Evo Morales’ wrong turn in Bolivia

In August this year, a march of 4,000 indigenous people set off from the Isiboro Secure National Park, a protected Amazon region in eastern Bolivia known as Tipnis.

Bolivia: Police attack indigenous marchers

04 October 2011
Bolivia’s left wing president Evo Morales was forced to apologise on Wednesday after police attacked an indigenous people’s march.

Bolivia climate conference: The poor take charge of battle for the planet

27 April 2010
There are now two sides in global climate politics – theirs and ours.

20,000 at Bolivia climate conference

20 April 2010
Some 20,000 people gathered for a "people’s conference on climate change" in Cochabamba, Bolivia, this week.

Letter from Bolivia: Evo Morales re-elected with a mandate for change

08 December 2009
Barely two hours after the voting for Bolivia’s president had ended last Sunday, Movement towards Socialism (MAS) supporters began to fill Plaza Murillo, the heart of the capital of La Paz.

Right wing violence is shaking Bolivia

16 September 2008
Masked groups of young men smash their way into government offices, burning documents and destroying everything they can find.

Rejecting the right in Bolivia

19 August 2008
It is impossible to visit Bolivia and not be marked by the heady atmosphere of solidarity and popular political engagement. These elements continue to dominate the mass of the oppressed majority.

Fight for Bolivia’s future lies behind referendum

06 May 2008
Bolivia is at a crossroads once again. A referendum last weekend on increased autonomy for the country’s largest state had one clear purpose – to undermine the democratically elected government of Evo Morales.

Break up of Bolivia planned by bosses

17 December 2007
Ever since Evo Morales was elected to the presidency of Bolivia in late 2005, the country has lived through permanent tensions. It was only to be expected.

Rich try to sabotage Bolivia’s government

18 September 2007
Thousands of poor farmers and indigenous activists marched through the Bolivian city of Sucre last week in support of constitutional changes proposed by President Evo Morales.

Bolivia: Cochabamba protests against governor continue

27 January 2007
There were angry scenes in Cochabamba last week after the left wing central government insisted that a right wing regional governor be allowed to return to the city.

Protesters take on the right in Cochabamba, Bolivia

20 January 2007
Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third largest city, has become the focus of the growing battle between supporters of left wing president Evo Morales and right wing governors who are demanding autonomy for key oil and gas producing regions.

Bolivia 2006 - Start of the Process DVD

09 September 2006
For the mainstream media the political upheavals in Bolivia since the turn of the century culminated in the election of radical president Evo Morales in December last year.

An agricultural ‘revolution’ begins in Bolivia - but many obstacles lie ahead

12 August 2006
On 2 August, Bolivia’s radical president Evo Morales and his cabinet travelled to the small town of Ucureña, where, in front of 50,000 agricultural labourers, they pledged to radicalise the process dubbed Bolivia’s "agrarian revolution".

Oscar Olivera to speak at Marxism 2006 conference

17 June 2006
Twice in recent years, in 2003 and in 2005, the people of Bolivia have risen up in mass struggles that have forced the country’s ruling elite onto the back foot.

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