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How Britain sells tear gas to dictators

How Britain sells tear gas to dictators The British government has authorised sales of tear gas to several repressive states over more than a decade, new research reveals.

Biden ramps up new arms race with China

Biden ramps up new arms race with China Aukus is the agreement by the United States and Britain to supply Australia with the technology to build eight nuclear submarines.

Climate activists are right to block roads

Climate activists are right to block roads The Tories and right wing media have launched huge attacks on the climate action group, Insulate Britain. But Sophie Squire argues that in the face of government inaction and repression it’s right for protests to be disruptive

Same lies to justify killings in Afghanistan two decades on

Same lies to justify killings in Afghanistan two decades on All the lies used to justify the terror the West inflicted on Afghanistan 20 years ago played out over its airstrike on children last week.

Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism

Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism Nick Clark looks at the US's and Britain's huge defeats in Afghanistan

Key articles on the defeat of imperialism in Afghanistan

Key articles on the defeat of imperialism in Afghanistan Here are some of our key articles written as the regime in Afghanistan collapsed, a grievous defeat for British and US imperialism

What we said as the war began in Afghanistan

17 August 2021
In September 2001, as the West moved to start bombing Afghanistan, Socialist Worker spoke out against the war. This was our editorial comment

Home Office pushes for deportations to Jamaica

10 August 2021
Jamaican nationals who came to Britain as children faced deportation this week, despite an agreement to not deport people who arrived as minors.

No to Troubles amnesty

20 July 2021
A protest was held at Free Derry Corner last Saturday over British government plans to bring in a Troubles “amnesty”.

G7 Summit—world leaders accelerate towards climate chaos

07 June 2021
The G7 Summit this week in Cornwall will see the world’s most powerful leaders discuss a response to the environmental emergency. Sophie Squire explores the leaders’ response to the climate crisis that is threatening all our futures

Israel continues to terrorise Palestine

01 June 2021
As Palestinians face severe repression, the threat of a fightback still scares the Israeli leaders. Nick Clark looks at the scale of the crackdown and explains the Israeli political crisis

Britain plays vital role in Israel’s crimes

18 May 2021
Britain is complicit in Israel’s murder of Palestinians—and that’s not just because of arms sales.

Build united fightback to stop fire and rehire

11 May 2021
Three quarters of people in Britain want bosses’ outrageous fire and rehire tactics scrapped. A poll conducted by Survation on behalf of the GMB union discovered that 76 percent of people believe the practice should be outlawed.

Britain’s crimes in Northern Ireland covered up

11 May 2021
The government’s plan to announce a bar on prosecutions of soldiers who killed in Northern Ireland was due on the same day as the inquest report into the Ballymurphy massacre. That saw British soldiers kill ten people in 1971.

US says it will leave Afghanistan—a bitter defeat for warmongers

15 April 2021
But despite the promises, president Joe Biden will still try to keep control in the region

Hartlepool–Labour in trouble

10 April 2021
In years gone by the Labour Party could take the votes in the north east of England for granted. But, reports Nick Clark, next month’s Hartlepool by-election could show just how out of touch the party now is with its former heartlands

Government’s Sewell report denies systematic racism

06 April 2021
“If the report had been intended to help address racism in Britain, it must surely be written off as a disaster.”

LETTERS—The report’s lies that Britain is a ‘model of racial equality’

02 April 2021
​​​​​​​The long awaited Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report suggests “claims of institutional racism not borne out”.

Key issues in the fight against the police bill

29 March 2021
With protests growing around Britain, Isabel Ringrose looks at what’s at stake—and what we can do

Working class people will gain nothing from ‘patriotism’

06 February 2021
In a recent party broadcast, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer appeared beside a Union Jack. Nick Clark examines why Labour hopes to gain from nationalism—and why it’s wrong

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