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Reviews round-up

15 January 2013
Why did the Industrial Revolution happen here? Why was Britain the first country to industrialise and why did it begin in the 18th century?

Who banks on bankers?

12 January 2013
Political pundits are rowing over whether to believe predictions that Britain is about to slip into an unprecedented triple dip recession.

News round-up

31 December 2012
Tax dives while profits soar The biggest firms in Britain are paying a fifth less tax than they did 12 years ago, a Reuters report says.

Baha Mousa inquiry verdict is just the tip of the iceberg

31 December 2012
Iraqi Baha Mousa died as a result of his treatment at the hands of British troops, according to a public inquiry. This included "hooding" and being held in stress positions.

William Morris: Poems of Protest

31 December 2012
William Morris was one of the most respected and admired decorative artists and writers in Britain in the 19th century.

We can beat Gove if we strike

31 December 2012
Teachers across Britain ended last term by calling on their union leaders to organise national strikes to defend pay and conditions.

A glimpse of the working class

31 December 2012
Britain has become the Daily Mail’s worst nightmare. That’s according to the findings of the 2011 census, published last month.

Radical surgery: snapshots from the fight to save the NHS

31 December 2012
Twenty five years ago this month 38 nurses from North Manchester General Hospital went on strike. They sparked a wave of action that spread across Britain and lasted the rest of the year.

British government tries to stop Mau Mau torture compensation

31 December 2012
The government has decided to contest the right of Kenyan people tortured by British forces during the Mau Mau War to claim compensation.

Civil service walkout hits 50 Department for Transport offices

31 December 2012
Thousands of Department for Transport workers struck at 50 sites across Britain on Friday of last week over a threat to close DVLA offices. The workers, members of the PCS union, walked out for 24 hours against the plans.

Gil Scott-Heron: a revolutionary who began with empathy

31 December 2012
Gil’s music and poetry have always been popular in Britain, despite them being about conditions that are far removed from here. Why is that?

Profits and triple dips

11 December 2012
Britain could be heading for a triple dip recession, Lib Dem business secretary Vince Cable declared last week. His Tory coalition partners immediately condemned him.

Osborne cuts £950 a year from the poorest families in Britain

11 December 2012
Tory chancellor George Osborne admitted on Wednesday of last week that his economic plan isn’t working—even on its own terms.

Thousands of civil service workers walk out in strikes and protests

04 December 2012
Over 8,000 workers in the Department for Transport struck across Britain on Friday of last week against job losses and office closures.

France: Rural guerrilla warfare divides the government

04 December 2012
François Hollande of France’s Socialist Party (similar to Britain’s Labour Party) was elected president in May. Now his ratings are down to 36 percent—a record low for a new president.

No pain for the richest in Osborne's unequal Britain

04 December 2012
George Osborne’s economic plans have left the economy tanking and the welfare state damaged. His autumn statement comes as inequality in Britain looms large.

Underemployment: the struggling workers hidden by jobs figures

04 December 2012
Over three million people work- ing in Britain are struggling to survive on the pay they receive each month—and want to work more hours than they can get. That’s the finding of a new report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Train cleaners coordinate disputes against poverty pay

27 November 2012
Train cleaners across Britain were set to strike this week against poverty pay and poor conditions.

Reports round-up

27 November 2012
New strike at British Museum PCS and Unite union members at the British Museum were set to strike together on Thursday this week from 4pm against the outsourcing of their jobs. This follows two previous strikes. Supporters can visit picket lines from 4pm onwards.

Thousands of students march in London against education cuts

21 November 2012
Thousands of students marched in central London today, Wednesday, to protest against the coalition attacks on education. The demonstration, which began at Temple, saw students from across Britain take apart.

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