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Release of Suu Kyi isn’t end of the fight in Burma

16 November 2010
Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was released this week after spending most of the last 20 years under house arrest. It’s welcome that she’s free. But hopes that this will be the start of a shift from a military dictatorship to democratic government are premature.

Tragic divisions behind Burmese movement’s defeat

23 September 2008
Twenty years ago this month the Burmese army crushed a nationwide democracy movement that had grown out of increasing dissatisfaction with military rule and economic mismanagement.

Burmese need aid, not invasion

13 May 2008
The enormous suffering in the wake of the cyclone that hit southern Burma last week has shocked the world.

What causes flood disasters in the Global South?

13 May 2008
Many commentators make a point of directly connecting the scale of the devastation in Burma with the specific failures of the military regime.

Storms and flooding aren't just natural disasters

06 May 2008
Thousands dead and more than a million homeless – a grim statistic from Burma in the aftermath of the severe cyclone that hit the country last weekend.

Anger at Burma storm deaths

06 May 2008
Storms in Burma had killed tens of thousands, with many thousands more still missing, as Socialist Worker went to press.

The real struggle takes place on the streets of Burma

02 October 2007
The mainstream media concentrates on the pronouncements of foreign governments and the supposed role of the United Nations in stopping the bloodshed perpetrated by the Burmese military junta.

Britain's brutal record of imperialism in Burma

02 October 2007
Many people horrified by the brutality of the Burmese regime say that the "international community" should intervene in the country. But the history of Burma shows that meddling by imperial powers has always made things worse.

Rebellion rocks Burma as protesters defy repression

02 October 2007
Last week saw Burma's military junta struggling to put down a rebellion of monks and ordinary people flocking onto the streets to protest against political repression and demand democracy.

Living Silence: the struggle against military repression in Burma

27 September 2007
What are the origins of the military regime in Burma?

Protests in Burma show force for change

25 September 2007
Burma’s military regime was being rocked by mass protests across its major towns and cities as Socialist Worker went to press.

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