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Report exposes shocking call centre conditions for workers

15 May 2020
Call centre workers are risking their lives on a “dangerous frontline” in the coronavirus crisis. A new report says that, “Without exaggeration the severity of the hazards from Covid-19 and the effects on these workers make for shocking reading.”

Tories are still leaving care home residents to die

14 May 2020
Government coronavirus failures in social care continue to endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of service users and workers.

More die at home from other illnesses due to virus crisis

11 May 2020
More than 8,000 more people have died at home since the start of the coronavirus crisis than would have done in normal times.

Fury at Johnson’s plan to reopen schools means potential for real resistance

11 May 2020
Parents and school workers have reacted with fear and fury to Boris Johnson’s announcement that schools could start to reopen from next month.

Boris Johnson speech clears way for dangerous return to work

10 May 2020
Boris Johnson has opened the door to herd people back to work before it is safe. But widespread support for keeping the lockdown stopped him from going as far as he wanted in his speech on Sunday night.

‘Put our safety first, not money,’ say activists on day of action

07 May 2020
Trade unionists and campaigners are staging a day of action to demand “no return to unsafe workplaces”.

‘Why did Scotland follow Johnson?’ asks new report

04 May 2020
Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party Scottish government are coming under increased attention

Weekly claps for carers can become big protests over coronavirus

28 April 2020
Health workers and campaigners have been raising slogans against the Tories during the weekly Clap for the NHS on Thursdays.

Workplace action must be central to fight 

28 April 2020
Worker's Memorial Day on Tuesday showed there is bitterness and anger among the working class about how people have been treated during this crisis.

Keir Starmer’s ‘real opposition’ leaves the Tories unscathed over virus response

28 April 2020
Media pundits and right wing Labour politicians are hugely impressed by Labour leader Keir Starmer’s response to the coronavirus. Few ordinary people will have noticed.

Tories failing to provide tests and protective gear

27 April 2020
The failures of the Tory ­government are continuing to threaten the lives of millions of ordinary people

Cuts and Covid-19 are a deadly cocktail for social care

26 April 2020
The death toll from the coronavirus in care homes is a scandal, yet workers’ demands for safety measures are still being ignored, reports Sarah Bates

Letters - Remember the dead but keep up fight for the living

24 April 2020
In the midst of a global  pandemic it is easy to forget about other health hazards. But asbestos is still the number one occupational killer in Britain with over 5,000 deaths per year.

Walk off by St George’s workers against outsourcer

21 April 2020
UVW union members at St George’s University of London in Tooting are demanding Personal Protective Equipment

Luxury self-isolation for the haves and the have-Yachts during corona crisis

21 April 2020
Entertainment mogul David Geffen was forced to delete a social media post boasting of isolating on a superyacht.

Post workers strike in Suffolk over coronavirus safety fears

21 April 2020
Postal workers in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, walked out briefly on Friday of last week over coronavirus health and safety fears.

Thousands forced back to work in unsafe conditions at government departments

21 April 2020
More than 5,000 people are being made to go into work to operate the government’s payment scheme for laid off workers.

Health unions’ call for minute’s silence should be used to mobilise against Tories

20 April 2020
Unison, the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of Midwives have organised a national minute’s silence for 11am on Tuesday 28 April.

Johnson’s coronavirus failures are political, as a speech in February showed

19 April 2020
A devastating article in the Sunday Times underlines the criminal complacency of the Tories. But the rot goes deeper than individuals.

Marxism in an age of catastrophe - capitalism created an era of plagues

18 April 2020
We live in an era of plagues because of capitalist development, argues socialist author Mike Davis.

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