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NHS bill ‘could be the next poll tax’

14 February 2012
Anger at the NHS privatisation bill could be fatal for David Cameron’s government—according to Tory cabinet ministers.

Tory deputy chairman pockets £27,000 in fees from healthcare film

14 February 2012
The Tories’ deputy party chairman Michael Fallon MP has pocketed more than £27,000 in fees from private healthcare firm Attendo, he has admitted.

Bailout fund for PFI-hit hospitals

07 February 2012
The government has created a £1.5 billion bailout fund for hospitals straining under the weight of private finance debts.

Stop Andrew Lansley selling off the NHS

07 February 2012
They’ve pocketed billions in bonuses. They’ve wrecked the global economy. Now the fat cats want to bleed the NHS dry.

Meet the fat cats who want to rob the NHS

07 February 2012
Doctors, nurses, health workers and patients are lining up to defend the NHS from Tory minister Andrew Lansley’s privatisation plot. So just whose support are Lansley and his pals counting on?

New GPs’ group comes out against the health bill

07 February 2012
The Royal College of GPs (RCGP) became the latest group to oppose the Tories’ NHS privatisation plans on Friday of last week.

Unions reject government's divisive health offer

13 December 2011
Unions and health workers have rejected the latest Tory attempts to rob their pensions.

Leaked report shows Lansley will sell off NHS

22 November 2011
A leaked report confirms that the Tories aim to privatise much of the NHS.

50,000 NHS jobs threatened

22 November 2011
The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) says that government cuts put 50,000 jobs at risk in the health service in England.

Angry GPs slam Tory health proposals

25 October 2011
The chair of the Royal College of GPs has laid into the money-grubbing logic behind the latest NHS reforms.

Protest shows anger at Lansley's Question Time

18 October 2011
The BBC’s Question Time was filmed behind rows of police at Queen Mary College, east London, on Thursday of last week.

NHS reforms are sickening

18 October 2011
The government’s proposals to smash the NHS and leave the scraps for private companies were pushed through by the House of Lords on Wednesday of last week.

Whipps Cross hospital: ‘Work for free’

11 October 2011
Bosses at cash-strapped Whipps Cross hospital in east London are asking staff to work for free in a bid to save money.

Photos: Stopping the health bill

11 October 2011
Photos: Stopping the health bill

Belfast: ‘700 nurses picketed’

11 October 2011
A strike by health workers in Northern Ireland last week gave a glimpse of what Britain will look like during the coordinated strikes on 30 November.

Thousands block Westminster Bridge to defend the NHS

09 October 2011
Some 2,500 demonstrators gathered on Westminster Bridge in central London today, Sunday, in protest at the government’s planned NHS reforms.

Tory health bill must be stopped

27 September 2011
Campaigners have vowed to fight until the very last moment to stop the Tory health and social care bill.

Stroud organises to defend health service

27 September 2011
Campaigners in Stroud, Gloucestershire, are threatening legal action to stop the transfer of NHS services to an unaccountable "community interest company".

Health privatisation threat in Surrey

27 September 2011
NHS privatisation fears have also been raised in Surrey.

Unison union reveals timetable for strikes in NHS

22 September 2011
The prospect of a massive strike by public sector workers in the autumn took another step forwards yesterday (Wednesday).

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