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Protesting against Tory plans for NHS

13 September 2011
Hundreds of campaigners against Tory plans to "reform" the NHS joined a lobby of parliament last week.

Vultures circle as Tories’ NHS sell-off plan begins

06 September 2011
Tory plans to wreck the NHS and hand the remains to their private sector buddies were set to take a step forwards this week.

Cash for organs

06 September 2011
A private firm whose wealthy clients were given donor organs bought from children is in talks to run parts of the NHS.

Health and social care bill to go to parliament

30 August 2011
The Tories’ Health and Social Care Bill will go to parliament again on Wednesday of next week.

Threat to Chase Farm Hospital

23 August 2011
Leaks suggest that Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley will announce plans next month to merge Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, north London, with another trust.

London protest says no to NHS sale

19 July 2011
Demonstrators braved torrential rain last Saturday to protest against the Health and Social Care Bill, which threatens mass privatisation in the NHS and £20 billion of cuts.

London health service march: ‘We won’t allow them to dismantle the NHS’

12 July 2011
Hundreds of health workers and campaigners marched on parliament on Thursday of last week.

Celebrate the history of the NHS

05 July 2011
Campaigners across Britain were set to celebrate the NHS’s 63rd birthday this week—and pledge to defend it from the Tories.

Why was doctor put on leave?

05 July 2011
Dr David Nunn, a leading orthopaedic consultant at St Thomas Hospital in London, made the news when he ordered a Sky camera crew out of his ward for not rolling their sleeves up.

Doctors vow to keep private firms out of NHS

05 July 2011
Delegates to the doctors’ BMA union conference last week called for the complete withdrawal of the government’s health and social care bill.

Priorities of the rich kill the poor

28 June 2011
Aids continues to spread across the world. There were estimated to be 33.3 million people living with HIV/Aids in 2009—mostly in the Global South.

Birthday bash for NHS

21 June 2011
The Unite union is calling on health workers and activists across Britain to join a day of celebration of the NHS on its 63rd birthday—Tuesday 5 July.

Tory NHS ‘reforms’ in retreat

14 June 2011
David Cameron has been forced into a humiliating climbdown over his plans to "reform" the NHS.

Care home nightmare: this could be the NHS's future

07 June 2011
Privatisation rains chaos on ordinary people while bosses grab billions. That’s what the care homes crisis shows.

UK Uncut protests turn banks into hospitals

02 June 2011

HIV charities’ funds cut

31 May 2011
Tory cuts are destroying a host of charities that provide vital sexual health work and support, particularly those playing a pivotal role relating to HIV and Aids.

Private firms are cashing in on NHS operations

31 May 2011
More than 200,000 NHS operations were carried out by private firms last year—up from just 11 in 2001. The latest government figures reveal the shocking scale of back door privatisation of the service.

Defiant London demonstration demands end to health service cuts

18 May 2011
Some 2,000 health workers, students and campaigners marched through central London yesterday (Tuesday) to save the NHS. The demonstration, called by Keep Our NHS Public and the Heath Workers Network was in response to government plans to tear apart the public health service and open the floodgates of privatisation.

Private companies cash in on NHS

17 May 2011
The continuing scandal of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in the health service is revealed by the sorry tale of Barnet Hospital in north London.

Fury at ward closures

03 May 2011
NHS campaigners in east London last week reacted with fury to health authority plans to close the Connaught Day Hospital at Whipps Cross hospital in Waltham Forest.

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