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Fight to defend key NHS activist Yunus Bakhsh

17 March 2007
In the course of a few days this week Yunus Bakhsh, a leading Unison union and health activist, could be both disciplined by his union and sacked from his job as a psychiatric nurse.

Health workers angry at pay insult

17 March 2007
The government’s recently announced 1.9 percent pay increase for more than a million NHS workers is provoking widespread anger, particularly among those on the lowest grades.

‘Blair’s legacy is cuts, chaos and closures in the health service’

10 March 2007
The full scale of the impending NHS crisis was laid bare last week. It emerged that three out of four primary care trusts (PCTs), which run GP clinics and health centres, are restricting patients’ access to treatment.

Victory for Manchester health workers

10 March 2007
Over 300 workers at Manchester’s mental health and social care trust have won a victory against their bosses following a campaign that included strike action.

Gordon Brown’s pay insult for NHS staff

10 March 2007
More than a million NHS staff and others working in the public sector are facing a pay cut in real terms after chancellor Gordon Brown decided to implement their pay review body recommendations in two stages.

Pictures of NHS day of action, 3 March

10 March 2007

Day of action on 3 March - United action for the NHS

10 March 2007
Thousands of protesters took to the streets in towns and cities across Britain in defence of the NHS last Saturday.

Patricia Hewitt’s budget fiddle

03 March 2007
Health secretary Patricia Hewitt’s claim that the NHS has balanced its budget is an attempt to save her own skin.

Operations delayed in order to balance books

03 March 2007
Last week Tony Blair claimed that reduced hospital waiting times would be part of his legacy.

John Lister: 'Privatisation driving cash crisis in health service'

03 March 2007
Over 100 local and regional rallies, marches and events are planned for the day of action for the health service this Saturday.

Looming battles for equal pay in the NHS

03 March 2007
The government is facing up to 10,000 claims for equal pay by women workers in the NHS.

Act now to save the NHS

03 March 2007
I urge every reader to be part of the protests in defence of the NHS this Saturday. The marches, rallies and stunts taking place must mark the beginning of a tidal wave of action that can shake the government.

Thousands march across Britain to defend NHS

03 March 2007
Thousands of protesters for the NHS took to the streets in towns and cities across Britain today.

Brown orders pay cuts for NHS workers

03 March 2007
More than a million NHS staff and others working in the public sector are facing a real terms pay cut after Gordon Brown accepted pay review body recommendations that awards be kept within the government’s two percent inflation target.

Blair’s blood money should be spent on NHS

24 February 2007
Becca Kirkpatrick, a Unison union shop steward at the National Blood Centre in Birmingham, will be joining the anti-war demonstration in London this Saturday.

Manchester health dispute goes on

24 February 2007
Talks between management and the Unison union at Manchester’s mental health and social care trust over a proposed package of cuts were to continue this week.

The growing crisis in midwifery is hurting pregnant women

24 February 2007
Mothers’ and babies’ lives are being put at risk by staffing shortages in the NHS. Every day there are reports of women in labour receiving inadequate care as harassed midwives run from one birth to another.

Crucial day to help stop New Labour’s NHS cuts

24 February 2007
Tony Blair claimed this week that the NHS is within sight of abolishing traditional waiting lists for operations. Many patients are now receiving treatment within the government’s 18 week treatment target, he said.

Anger flows into NHS day of action

17 February 2007
"Fewer beds are a sign of success, not of failure," claimed health secretary Patricia Hewitt last week, as the growing financial crisis in the NHS continued to create havoc.

Health workers: ‘They want to sell us crap healthcare’

10 February 2007
Decked out in "Save Our NHS" T-shirts, some 250 strikers from Manchester’s mental health and social care trust formed some of the liveliest picket lines of the day.

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