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Canada—big business launches racist offensive on indigenous fishers

Canada—big business launches racist offensive on indigenous fishers A pitched battle is being fought over fishing rights in Nova Scotia, Canada. On one side, is the Mi’kmaw nation, and on the other stands commercial fishers backed by big business. 

International round-up - Win for Sanders and First Nation protests in pipeline

International round-up - Win for Sanders and First Nation protests in pipeline Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate after a landslide victory in Nevada last Saturday.

Canada fracking pipeline faces fierce defiance

Canada fracking pipeline faces fierce defiance The Canadian government is ramping up attacks on indigenous First Nation land in an effort to support fossil fuel interests.

Vancouver sees 10,000 attend climate rally

Vancouver sees 10,000 attend climate rally Over 10,000 people joined Greta Thunberg in Vancouver, Canada, last Friday to march for climate justice.

Three million join second day of strikes over climate change

Three million join second day of strikes over climate change Some three million people joined a huge climate strike across 28 countries on Friday of last week.

Pitch to seem ‘respectable’ backfires on leftist NDP in Canada's election

Jesse McLaren and Pam Frache argue the Tories’ defeat will strengthen the movement for the battles ahead

International round-up

14 April 2015
French workers join mass demos | Climate march held in Quebec | US cop charged with murder

New Canadian indigenous movement blocks roads over land grab

12 January 2013
Flash mobs of indigenous activists and their supporters, hundreds strong, blocked roads, bridges and railway lines across Canada last week.

The real record of new Bank of England governor Mark Carney

30 November 2012
Earlier this week Tory chancellor George Osborne named the new governor of the Bank of England—the Canadian banker Mark Carney, who will take over from Mervyn King.

Thousand join London 'Slutwalk' march for women's rights

25 September 2012
Up to 1,000 joined this year’s "Slutwalk" march last Saturday in London. It comes a year on from the disgusting remarks from a Canadian police officer, who told students, "If you don’t want to get raped, don’t dress like a slut."

Huge protest march in Quebec

28 August 2012
Some 100,000 protesters marched through Quebec in Canada on Wednesday of last week to mark the six month anniversary of the student strike movement against tuition fee rises there.

Elections called as Quebec students’ Red Square revolt deepens

14 August 2012
Quebec’s student-led "Red Square" movement, which started in February, has sparked the greatest social unrest seen anywhere in Canada for decades.

Edward Burtynsky: Lifeless landscapes that only oil makes possible

26 June 2012
The Photographers’ Gallery in London has reopened its doors with a new exhibition by Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky.

Nightly protests challenge Quebec's clampdown law

12 June 2012
Students in Quebec, Canada, marched again in defiance of the anti-protest Special Law, following the collapse of new negotiations with the government at the end of May.

London students demonstrate in solidarity with Quebec protests

31 May 2012
As huge student protests continued to rage in Quebec, over 100 people demonstrated in solidarity outside Canadian government buildings in London last night (Wednesday).

Quebec student movement defies new crackdown law

22 May 2012
The government of Quebec in Canada is bringing in a special law in an attempt to crack down after 14 weeks of student protests. But students and workers are standing strong.

Quebec protests force resignation

15 May 2012
Students protesting against tuition fee hikes in Quebec, Canada, chalked up a victory on Monday of this week.

Student revolt shakes Quebec

01 May 2012
There were mass student demonstrations in Montreal, the largest city in the Canadian state of Quebec last week.

Canada comes together

18 October 2011
Thousands joined actions across Canada in the biggest coordinated action since the anti‑war protests in 2003.

You Don’t Like the Truth: Four Days Inside Guantanamo

04 October 2011
This harrowing documentary shows the full brutality of the "war on terror". It focuses on Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, a 16-year old accused of fighting US forces in Afghanistan.

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