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Unofficial strike in Chilean copper mine shuts down a third of the world's copper production

20 August 2013
An unofficial strike at Chile’s biggest copper mine last week shut down a third of the world’s copper production for 24 hours.

Workers walk out in Brazil - and Chile

16 July 2013
Workers struck at hundreds of workplaces across Brazil on Thursday of last week. Thousands marched in the main cities of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.

A year of elections tests South American governments

02 July 2013
Around 100,000 student protesters disrupted the polls at Chile’s primary elections last week. 

Students return to Chile’s streets after summer break

01 May 2012
Over 200,000 people took to the streets of Chile on Wednesday of last week.

Chile: Student storm of protest

25 October 2011
Dozens of students stormed a meeting on the education budget in Chile’s senate building in Santiago on Thursday of last week.

Chile: a generation has lost its fear

30 August 2011
The young have taken the streets of Chile, and transformed them into theatres, circuses and platforms for a huge protest movement.

One million strong protest over education in Chile

23 August 2011
Over one million students, parents, lecturers, workers and young people took part in mass demonstrations in cities throughout Chile on Monday.

Post Mortem

23 August 2011
Set against the backdrop of the Chilean coup of 1973, Post Mortem explores a nation torn between left and right.

Students to join national strike in Chile

16 August 2011
Chilean students joined the 100,000-strong protest against attacks on education last week. They are now set to join workers in a national strike against the government.

Protests in Chile against the state

09 August 2011
Thousands marched in the Chilean capital city Santiago on Thursday of last week in response to government attempts to ban student marches.

Chilean bosses are putting miners' lives at risk

12 October 2010
The world’s media has been following the plight of the miners trapped in Chile’s San José mine in microscopic detail, but there is far less interest in the conditions the miners normally work in.

Bosses' greed behind Chile's trapped miners

31 August 2010
The Chilean government closed down the San José mine—where 33 miners are still trapped underground—in 2007 over health and safety failures.

Chile: tremors of the past

09 March 2010
Earthquakes are events that expose what is hidden in a society. They are crises that reveal the best and the worst of people.

Arms cash

09 February 2010
Chile – BAE secretly paid £1 million to General Pinochet in return for help over arms deals.Romania – The 2003 sale of two ex-Royal Navy frigates saw payments of £7 million in "secret commissions" to clinch the £116 million ship refurbishment deal.Czech Republic – The 2003 sale of Gripen fighter aircraft to the Czech Republic saw the CIA, rival arms companies and the Czech police confirm bribery attempts by BAE.Qatar – After the sale of UK arms to Qatar in 1996, BAE paid a £7 million "commission" into three Jersey trust funds under the cont

Popular democracy in revolutionary Chile

02 June 2009
Between 1970-3 Chile entered a period of revolution. Workers began to take control of factories, the peasants were seizing the land and a vast movement of the oppressed was making its mark on shaping a new society.

Tony Manero

14 April 2009
Tony Manero is a film set in Chile’s capital city Santiago in 1978 – during the brutal dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

Angry protests and riots shake central Santiago in Chile

04 September 2007
Rioting shook Chile’s capital Santiago on Wednesday of last week during a day of protest called by the CUT, the main trade union federation.

Miners' victory in Chile is part of an awakening of workers

21 August 2007
At the beginning of August, contract miners in Chile’s new CTC union federation celebrated a significant victory against Codelco, Chile’s state-owned mining corporation.

Chilean miners' leader looks to growth of the movement

06 August 2007
After the battles of forestry workers in the Arauco region and copper miners working for the state owned Codelco company, subcontracted workers are targeting the private mining industry.

Victory for striking subcontracted miners in Chile

02 August 2007
Miners striking against Codelco, Chile's state owned mining corporation are celebrating a victory. After a solid 37 day strike by some 13,000 workers the company made a revised offer. The strikers, subcontractors in the CTC union federation, voted by a large majority to accept the offer and end the strike.

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