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Racist propaganda falls short in Hungary’s anti-refugee referendum

Racist propaganda falls short in Hungary’s anti-refugee referendum Also: Narrow vote rejects Farc peace deal in Colombia

Referendum in Colombia could end armed struggle

Referendum in Colombia could end armed struggle After decades of war, could left wing guerrillas Farc make peace with the state?

International round-up

French railways at a standstill | Santos re-elected in Colombia | South African miners to settle?

International round-up

British planes add to Ukraine sabre rattling | Shoe strike hits China’s bosses | Peasants blockade Colombian roads | May Day general strike in Greece

A year of elections tests South American governments

A year of elections tests South American governments Around 100,000 student protesters disrupted the polls at Chile’s primary elections last week. 

Medal for Tony Blair is another low for George Bush

George Bush is to award Tony Blair – along with former Australian prime minister John Howard and Colombian president Alvaro Uribe – with the laughingly titled Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Colombia: an inspiring battle for indigenous rights

04 November 2008
Colombia’s president Alvaro Uribe bluntly admitted, "Yes, the police fired on the indigenous protesters." This followed several days of attacks by police and the military on the communities of the Cauca region.

Colombian paramilitaries kill march organisers

18 March 2008
Four trade union leaders were assassinated in the week following the 6 March day of protests against paramilitaries and state crime. These protests took place across Colombia and in many parts of the world.

Oppression and curse of Coke in Colombia

18 March 2008
On 12 February a brown envelope was left outside the home of Coca-Cola worker José Domingo Flórez. The note inside was from the Black Eagles, a right wing paramilitary death squad.

Kim Howells’ dirty friends

18 March 2008
The Welsh TUC last week called on Gordon Brown’s government to halt military aid to Colombia. It joined a chorus of condemnation of Kim Howells MP, the foreign office minister and Pontypridd MP, who was pictured sharing a joke with General Mario Montoya, head of the Colombian army.

Colombia: vicious friend of the West

18 March 2008
Colombia’s government is not just a vicious regime that targets trade unionists and civil activists. It is also George Bush’s key ally in Latin America and on the front line of his intervention in that region.

Venezuela-Colombia conflict sheds light on US imperialism

06 March 2008
George Bush waded into the growing inter-governmental crisis in Latin America earlier this week by expressing the US’s unqualified support for the Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.

Colombian protests hide state violence

12 February 2008
"From above, they looked like a white river flowing through the streets of Colombia’s capital. They wore white T-shirts that read, ‘Yo soy Colombia (I am Colombia). Stop the kidnappings, the lies, the murders. No more Farc’."

Coca-Cola activists face death threats in Colombia

17 December 2007
Three workers at Coca-cola in Bucaramanga, Colombia, face death threats for their trade union activities.

Colombia: Agrifuels and death squads

03 July 2007
In Colombia biofuel projects are expanding in different parts of the country – though now we tend to use the term "agrifuels" rather than "biofuels", since the processes used to make them are no more biological than many other energy sources.

US multinational Chiquita funded Colombian death squads

07 April 2007
The US multinational Chiquita Brands International has admitted funding death squads which unleashed a reign of terror in Colombia.

Protesting for Colombian trade unionists

24 March 2007

US sprays death from the air in Colombia

05 November 2005
I became interested in this issue after speaking to people in Colombia. One woman told me she was working in the fields with her family when aeroplanes came down and started spraying.

Colombian unions take a stand against neo-liberalism

15 October 2005
Colombia’s unions and social movements were set to hold a national strike on Wednesday of this week.

Breaking the silence over Colombian repression

17 September 2005
The delegation was in Colombia for a week, in which time we attended around 20 meetings in both Bogotá and villages in the rural Cauca region, with trade union groups, non-governmental organisations, politicians, lawyers, community groups and human rights’ organisations.

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