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Biden’s ‘back to normal’ plans aren’t the change that’s needed

31 January 2021
US bombers flew over the Persian Gulf—close to Iran—last week, while American soldiers are to be sent to new bases in preparation for war.

Anti-racists celebrate after Stansted 15 court victory

30 January 2021
Melanie Strickland, one of the Stansted 15, told Socialist Worker, 'It feels great to win. It’s been nearly four years since the action, I thought it would never end.'

Majority of people not in favour of reduced immigration, says new poll

25 January 2021
A new survey has exposed the lie that the Tories’ racist immigration controls have popular support

‘We are going to win,’ say Sage care home strikers

15 January 2021
A group of mainly migrant workers at a north London care home are fighting for higher pay. 

Don’t back Tory Brexit deal—or line up with the European Union

29 December 2020
Tory claims about an approaching glorious future after the trade deal with the European Union are nonsense.  

The Troublemaker—Rishi Sunak eats at private club while freezing workers’ pay

07 December 2020
Rishi Sunak dined at a lavish, exclusive private club last week after telling around 2 million workers they would see a real-terms pay cut as inflation rises.

EU border agency accused of brutality against migrants seeking safety

07 December 2020
A body that patrols the EU’s external borders has been accused of unlawfully turning migrants away and sending them back to Turkey. 

Priti Patel stokes racism against desperate migrants

07 December 2020
Tory home secretary Priti Patel is trying to stir up another “culture war” in the wake of a deportation flight to Jamaica. 

Government builds racist anti-migrant offensives

30 November 2020
Tory home secretary Priti Patel declared she was “unapologetic” as she prepared to push through deportations and ramp up the repression of refugees trying to the English Channel. 

Terror and trauma—victims tell the terrible truth about the Tories’ ‘hostile environment’ policy

27 November 2020
As the Tories push through another deportation flight to Jamaica, Tomáš Tengely-Evans spoke to three families battling for justice. Their stories give a snapshot of the daily terror inflicted by Britain’s racist immigration system and the hostile environment

Tories cannot be trusted with Covid-19 vaccines

16 November 2020
The government’s repeated Covid-19 failures ¬undermine efforts to contain it—and mean we should not trust the Tories with the hopes for a new vaccine.

Tory laws to pave way for attacks on migrants in Immigration Bill

16 November 2020
Home secretary Priti Patel is pushing ahead with plans to make Britain’s racist immigration system even worse

Refugees drown in Channel as a result of killer border regime

27 October 2020
Four people, including two children, have died after the small boat in which they had set out from France to try and reach Britain sank in the English Channel.

Tories’ racist immigration rules will punish migrant workers

26 October 2020
The Tories have pushed through legal changes to make Britain’s immigration system even more racist.

Protesters confront the hostile environment

12 October 2020
Migrants’ rights groups protested against Britain’s brutal immigration system last weekend as they marked the ten year anniversary of Jimmy Mubenga’s death.

‘It’s like they don’t think we are human’ – US farm workers’ fury over attacks

09 October 2020
The US government is helping farm bosses to cut their workers’ wages in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

People really don’t trust the government, says attitudes survey

08 October 2020
The latest British Social Attitudes survey has found “record lows” in the level of trust and confidence in the government.

Asylum seeker granted limited leave to stay but says the fight isn't over

25 September 2020
An asylum seeker in Glasgow finished his hunger strike after the Home Office granted him limited leave to remain in Britain on Thursday. Abdul Safi stitched his lips shut and went on hunger strike on Monday in protest at 12 years of living in legal limbo.

Asylum seeker left in legal limbo refuses to end hunger strike

23 September 2020
An asylum seeker in Glasgow is refusing to end a hunger strike until the Home Office allows him to stay in Britain.

Women at risk in Trump’s migrant camps 

21 September 2020
Are women held in a US immigration detention centre in Georgia being forced to have unnecessary hysterectomies?

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