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Meet the real Roma people of Sheffield's Page Hall

26 November 2013
Politicians and the media have been peddling lurid horror stories about the Roma people of Page Hall in Sheffield. Sadie Robinson spoke to people about the reality

Politicians are the problem, not migrants

19 November 2013
Scapegoating immigrants unites the mainstream political parties. 

A tradition of lies about immigrants

19 November 2013
The idea that migrants coming to Britain disrupt “our way of life” isn’t new. It was put across most famously by Tory MP Enoch Powell in 1968.

Roma are welcome here

19 November 2013
The furore over Roma in Sheffield is based on myths that recall previous race scares, writes Sadie Robinson

Ethiopian migrants protest in London against brutal crackdown on workers in Saudi Arabia

19 November 2013
The government in Saudi Arabia has launched a brutal crackdown on migrant workers it sees as illegal. The Middle Eastern kingdom has a population of almost 30 million, with nine million migrants making up more than half of the workforce.

Slurs against Roma are racist, not radical

19 November 2013
Recent claims that the behaviour of Roma people is different to that of others in Sheffield would be comic if they weren’t so serious.

Authorities build anti-Roma walls in Slovakia

19 November 2013
Many of the Roma living in Page Hall are Slovakian. They say they came to Britain to look for a better life —and it isn’t hard to see why.

The Guardian joins in the gossiping about Page Hall

19 November 2013
It isn’t only the most rabid right wing newspapers that have gone on the offensive against Roma and migrants in general. It’s the liberal ones too.

Roma suffer from problems caused by discrimination

19 November 2013
Migration Yorkshire, a local authority-led organisation that supports migrants in accessing services, produced a report last year into the health of Roma in Yorkshire.

Detention centres breed despair behind the bars

12 November 2013
As Yarl’s Wood is mired in an abuse scandal, Ken Olende looks at the scale of detention centres in Britain and what life is like for people locked inside them

Tories scrap their bond plan to deter immigrants

05 November 2013
The Tories have scrapped their much heralded plan to force some immigrants to put up a bond of £3,000 before coming to Britain.

Racist billboards to go

05 November 2013
The racist billboard vans telling “illegal” immigrants to “go home” are being permanently withdrawn.

Yarl's Wood abuse witness deportation halted

05 November 2013
A last minute decision halted an attempt to deport the main witness to alleged sexual abuse at Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre. 

Chinatown protest shuts down shops

29 October 2013
Hundreds of protesters marched through London’s Chinatown on Tuesday of last week against immigration raids. 

Privatisation not migrants puts up cost of healthcare

29 October 2013
Stories claiming that Britain is swamped by migrant ‘health tourists’ who drain the health service are dishonest propaganda for the Tories, argues Sarah Ensor

Blame bosses for cuts and unemployment, not us - migrants in Britain speak out

22 October 2013
The government blames migrants for most of society’s ills, saying they come to use the health service or undercut wages. Raymie Kiernan spoke to four people who have come to Britain to find out the real reasons why they live and work here

Protesters say, 'we are all migrants' as Tories push through nasty Immigration Bill

22 October 2013
The Tories’ new Immigration Bill returned to Parliament for a second reading on Tuesday of this week.

Do migrants take jobs and lower wages?

22 October 2013
Eight eastern European countries joined the EU in 2004—the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. 

Join protest at second reading of immigration bill

18 October 2013
The Movement Against Xenophobia has called a protest outside parliament during the second reading of Theresa May’s draconian new Immigration Bill next Tuesday.

Tories' immigration bill is a vindictive clampdown on migrants

15 October 2013
New measures will endanger lives and undermine liberties—and it’s all based on a lie, reports Ken Olende

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