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Boat tragedy exposes the dangerous waters surrounding Fortress Europe

08 October 2013
A boat packed with 500 migrants caught fire and sank half a mile from the Italian island of Lampedusa on Thursday of last week.

New Tory immigration bill targets the same scapegoats

08 October 2013
Theresa May reiterated harsh new immigration plans while bodies of African migrants were being fished from the sea, says?Dave Sewell

Fear of the law keeps migrant sex workers trapped

08 October 2013
Hsiao-Hung Pai spoke to Sarah Ensor about the living hell faced by migrant sex workers in Britain

Labour uses prejudice to avoid real change

24 September 2013
The media this week is full of politicians and commentators expressing what they call “reasonable” doubts about immigration and immigrants. 

New movement will Max resistance to Tories’ scapegoating of migrants

10 September 2013
A new coalition to oppose the scapegoating of migrants, the Movement Against Xenophobia (Max), held its inaugural meeting in London on Wednesday of last week.

Movement Against Xenophobia

10 September 2013
Draft statement from Max, the new organisation to defend immigrants launched on 5 September

Labour's deafening silence on resisting Tories and racism

13 August 2013
In a bid to make a splash above the drone of silly season stories, various bits of Labour decided to throw a few shapes. It was a bit of a mess. 

Migrants riot in Greek camp

13 August 2013
Appalling conditions and the racist brutality of police guards in Greece’s migrant camps has united immigrants to defend themselves in any way they can, writes Dave Sewell

Teachers campaign for refugee Olayinka Olatunde

13 August 2013
Teachers in Rochdale NUT union and the refugee organisation Rapar have co-organised a fundraiser for a Nigerian asylum seeker in Rochdale on Sunday of this week. 

Protests at Australia's racist 'PNG solution' for refugees

06 August 2013
New Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd played the race card to try to boost his votes—but the move has backfired, writes Ken Olende

Coroner damns G4S over deportation guards’ racism

06 August 2013
The coroner’s report into the death of Jimmy Mubenga condemns “pervasive” racism among G4S guards and dangerous restraint techniques.

Tory raids try to intimidate migrants

06 August 2013
The Tories have launched two schemes to scapegoat migrants. Spot checks to identify “illegal” immigrants were carried out during raids at London tube and rail stations last week.

Don't let toxic Tories divide us with racism

30 July 2013
The Tories love nothing more than to stir up racism and scapegoat immigrants.

Attacks are linked to EDL

09 July 2013
Tell Mama, The Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks group, has recorded 540 Islamophobic incidents since March this year. 

GPs to check on patients' migration status

02 July 2013
The government is ratcheting up pressure on GPs to check the immigration status of patients using the NHS. 

New anti-migrant rules attacked

11 June 2013
New immigration rules are tearing families apart

Trade union motion to defend migrants

14 May 2013
The argument about scapegoating migrants needs to be taken up urgently.

Asylum seeker speaks out - 'We have to fight back together'

14 May 2013
Manjeet Kaur, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, spoke about the government’s attack on migrants.

New Tory measures aim to criminalise migrants

14 May 2013
The government launched a new assault on immigrants in last week’s queen’s speech.

We must not play into Ukip's hands

14 May 2013
The queen’s speech last week made clear the government’s strategy. It is to move right and savage the working class in an attempt to recapture votes that have leeched to Ukip.

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