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Greece - life in the camps

07 May 2013
Abdullah from Somalia spent six months in a detention camp in Greece. "You are hungry all the time in there," he told Socialist Worker. "At ten in the morning they give you milk that’s thin like water. Then there’s a really small meal at four and another at eight.

Link between immigration and crime is 'insignificant'

07 May 2013
The connection between crime and immigration is “close to zero and insignificant” research has found. 

Don't let Ukip set the tune for political debate

07 May 2013
 The Tories are promising a new onslaught against working class people. And politicians are using Ukip’s recent electoral success as an excuse to scapegoat immigrants.

Migrants in Greece have fled war and oppression

07 May 2013
Walid from Homs, Syria, fled to Greece to escape war. "I wasn’t part of the uprising in Syria, I just stayed in my house," he told Socialist Worker.

Greece - migrants' daily battle to avoid the camps

07 May 2013
Tens of thousands of migrants have been rounded up into detention camps across Greece since August last year. Conditions are horrific.

Tories lose out in local elections - resist the racists

04 May 2013
The Tories lost 335 councillors in last Thursday's local elections. It was a dismal showing.

Migrant workers in Greece defy bullets and fight on

30 April 2013
Cheering and chants in Bengali rang out across the western Greek countryside last Sunday. 

What really caused the crisis in school places?

30 April 2013
Some 118,000 children in London could be without a school place by 2016 according to the London Councils group. 

Greece - fury at racist shootings

23 April 2013
Farm supervisors opened fire into a crowd of 200 migrant workers on a strawberry farm in the village of Manolada, western Greece, last week. 

BBC survey exposes government scaremongering over Bulgarians and Romanians

23 April 2013
A new survey has exposed the lies that recent scaremongering about immigration has been built on. 

Do we need to control immigration?

09 April 2013
Socialist Worker opposes all immigration controls. They exist to police working class people and spread racist division.

Bigotry, Labour and Migrants

21 March 2013
Socialist Worker examines why Ed Miliband and the Labour Party are so quick to join the growing anti-migrant panic pushed by the Tories and Ukip

Why immigrants are not to blame for poor services

21 March 2013
The reality behind the ugly right wing myth that migrants are a ‘drain’ on society

ESOL campaigners condemn Ed Miliband immigration speech

13 July 2012
Activists, teachers and students involved with teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) have launched a petition attacking Labour leader Ed Miliband’s recent speech on immigration.

Exposed: the myth that wages are being driven down by migrants

03 July 2012
It can seem like common sense that migrant workers would cause wages to fall. After all, if they’re willing to do the same work for a lower wage, surely there will be downward pressure on pay?

'We are migrant workers and we fight for our rights'

03 July 2012
"I work in a factory of 500, almost all of them migrant workers like myself. When I started there were only about 30 or 40 people in the union, and no union recognition.

Immigration row: concessions to racism will always weaken us

26 June 2012
The Tories know that their austerity policies will hurt ordinary people and that this will make them unpopular.

Refugee who resisted forced deportation: 'We are people too'

12 June 2012
Men, women and children are being forcibly deported by the Tories. This is the reality of the government’s propaganda about immigrants and family life

Immigration: home secretary dismisses refugees' right to 'family life'

12 June 2012
The Tories pose as the party of the family. But they are choosy about which families they defend.

Security firm Serco left asylum seeker dying of heart attack

29 May 2012
A detained asylum seeker died after being denied medical attention following a heart attack, an inquest has heard.

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