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Exposed: the myth that wages are being driven down by migrants

03 July 2012
It can seem like common sense that migrant workers would cause wages to fall. After all, if they’re willing to do the same work for a lower wage, surely there will be downward pressure on pay?

Immigration row: concessions to racism will always weaken us

26 June 2012
The Tories know that their austerity policies will hurt ordinary people and that this will make them unpopular.

Immigration: home secretary dismisses refugees' right to 'family life'

12 June 2012
The Tories pose as the party of the family. But they are choosy about which families they defend.

Refugee who resisted forced deportation: 'We are people too'

12 June 2012
Men, women and children are being forcibly deported by the Tories. This is the reality of the government’s propaganda about immigrants and family life

Security firm Serco left asylum seeker dying of heart attack

29 May 2012
A detained asylum seeker died after being denied medical attention following a heart attack, an inquest has heard.

Protest at Toma's extradition hearing

22 May 2012
An extradition hearing for Roma activist Toma Nikolaev was held at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday of this week.

Don't let the authorities deport Toma to Bulgaria

15 May 2012
A leading Roma activist based in Britain is facing extradition to Bulgaria—where his life will be in danger from racists.

Double win for Glasgow refugee campaigners

15 May 2012
Campaigners for refugees in Glasgow scored two successes last week. Angeline Pirira Mwafulirwa and her children were released from custody after being arrested in a dawn raid.

Glasgow May Day march

08 May 2012

Glasgow asylum seekers protest to save their homes

17 April 2012
Up to 140 refugees in Glasgow face destitution as responsibility for housing vulnerable people passes to the multinational security firm Serco.

Support grows for Amanpreet

06 March 2012
Amanpreet Kaur is an Indian lesbian whose application for asylum has been denied. She was due to be deported on Thursday of last week.

Stop Deportation of Amanpreet Kaur

01 March 2012
Amanpreet Kaur is a Punjabi Sikh who is due to be deported today (Thursday) pending the outcome of a judicial review.

Are foreign workers to blame for lack of jobs?

07 February 2012
The editor of the right wing Spectator magazine has disgracefully claimed that foreign workers in coffee shops are the cause of youth unemployment.

Statistics watchdog raps Tories over immigration spin

26 January 2012
The government’s statistics watchdog has attacked ministers for releasing lurid figures last week suggesting some 370,000 migrants are claiming benefits.

Extradition overturned

17 January 2012
The European Court of Human Rights has overturned a House of Lords decision in the case of a Palestinian refugee who faces extradition from Britain to Jordan.

Migrants are not to blame for unemployment in Britain

10 January 2012
A government panel has joined the chorus of right wing voices seeking to blame migrants for rising unemployment.

Home Office finally forced to compensate Kurdish children detained for record 13 months

10 January 2012
The Home Office has been forced to pay six-figure compensation to a Kurdish family who were detained as children for a record 13 months.

Detainee speaks out: How Britain deports vulnerable victims

15 November 2011
The British government is detaining hundreds of vulnerable people and threatening to deport them to places where they will be at risk of violence. Some of the most vulnerable have been trafficked. Now the Tories are set on making life even harder for them. Ken Olende spoke to some detainees about their experience at the hands of the British state

Splits in Labour over immigration

01 November 2011
Right wing lobby group Migration Watch has launched an anti-immigration e-petition.

Jimmy Mubenga protest demands justice on anniversary of death during deportation

14 October 2011
About 50 people held a vigil outside the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Central London on the first anniversary of Jimmy Mubenga's death.

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