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Support grows for Amanpreet

06 March 2012
Amanpreet Kaur is an Indian lesbian whose application for asylum has been denied. She was due to be deported on Thursday of last week.

Stop Deportation of Amanpreet Kaur

01 March 2012
Amanpreet Kaur is a Punjabi Sikh who is due to be deported today (Thursday) pending the outcome of a judicial review.

Are foreign workers to blame for lack of jobs?

07 February 2012
The editor of the right wing Spectator magazine has disgracefully claimed that foreign workers in coffee shops are the cause of youth unemployment.

Statistics watchdog raps Tories over immigration spin

26 January 2012
The government’s statistics watchdog has attacked ministers for releasing lurid figures last week suggesting some 370,000 migrants are claiming benefits.

Extradition overturned

17 January 2012
The European Court of Human Rights has overturned a House of Lords decision in the case of a Palestinian refugee who faces extradition from Britain to Jordan.

Home Office finally forced to compensate Kurdish children detained for record 13 months

10 January 2012
The Home Office has been forced to pay six-figure compensation to a Kurdish family who were detained as children for a record 13 months.

Migrants are not to blame for unemployment in Britain

10 January 2012
A government panel has joined the chorus of right wing voices seeking to blame migrants for rising unemployment.

Detainee speaks out: How Britain deports vulnerable victims

15 November 2011
The British government is detaining hundreds of vulnerable people and threatening to deport them to places where they will be at risk of violence. Some of the most vulnerable have been trafficked. Now the Tories are set on making life even harder for them. Ken Olende spoke to some detainees about their experience at the hands of the British state

Splits in Labour over immigration

01 November 2011
Right wing lobby group Migration Watch has launched an anti-immigration e-petition.

Jimmy Mubenga protest demands justice on anniversary of death during deportation

14 October 2011
About 50 people held a vigil outside the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Central London on the first anniversary of Jimmy Mubenga's death.

Report exposes racism at G4S

06 September 2011
Senior officers at private security firm G4S have been slammed for using racist language while deporting people from Britain.

Journalist wins right to remain in Britain

30 August 2011
A journalist and human rights activist from Sierra Leone has won his fight against deportation after a hunger strike.

Media’s lies on migration

30 August 2011
"Immigration soars 20 percent in a year" screamed the Daily Mail front page on Friday of last week. The claim was repeated across the British media.

Deportations: From Guantanamo to Glasgow

23 August 2011
The GEO Group—a company rocked by human rights, sexual abuse and racism scandals—is to be given £25 million to run the Dungavel immigrant removal centre in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

James Fallah-Williams' hunger strike asylum protest

16 August 2011
Asylum seeker James Fallah-Williams reached the 14th day of a hunger strike on Monday in protest at his treatment by the UK Border Agency.

Is it 'foreign workers' who are taking all the jobs?

19 July 2011
"FOREIGN WORKERS GET 3 IN 4 NEW JOBS," screamed a Daily Mail front page last week.

Immigration Advice Service closes

12 July 2011
The Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) collapsed on Monday, leaving thousands of migrants without legal support.

Hunger strikers win review

17 May 2011
The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has agreed to review the case of three Kurdish Iranian asylum seekers who mounted a 37‑day hunger strike outside its headquarters in Croydon.

Call for inquiry into restraint

17 May 2011
A report into the death of Jimmy Mubenga by the charity Inquest calls for a parliamentary committee inquiry into the use of restraint in deportation.

No Fortress Europe

10 May 2011
Immigration is the latest issue to expose the instability of the European Union (EU). Together with countries’ debt problems, it reveals how the world economic crisis is putting strain on the union.

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