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Journalist freed as he wins reprieve on deportation to Cameroon

12 August 2010
Charles Atangana has won a six week review of his deportation at a bail hearing in London today. The journalist from Cameroon in West Africa has already been freed from detention in Dover.

Exclusive: Tories secret plans to deport children

03 August 2010
The Tories have a secret plan to make it easier to deport children.

Stop the deportation of Charles Atangana

30 July 2010
The Home Office plans to deport Charles Atangana, a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), to Cameroon on Monday.

Another attack on immigrants

29 June 2010
Home secretary Theresa May has brought in an immediate cap on the number of workers able to enter Britain – and suggested that in future employers might have to get private health insurance for migrant workers.

Tories will send kids to Kabul

08 June 2010
The Tories are planning to deport hundreds of unaccompanied Afghan children to Kabul.

Facts that expose immigration lies

27 April 2010
Immigration does not cause unemployment

Glasgow meeting demands justice for asylum seekers

20 April 2010
More than 100 people attended a Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees public meeting last week to discuss the suicide of the Serykh family.

Racist lies kick off election campaign

13 April 2010
No sooner has the general election campaign begun than a great lie about immigration has swamped the news headlines.

How the jobs lie was born

13 April 2010
The birth of the Tory immigration-jobs lie tells an interesting story about the manipulation of the media.

Glasgow rallies to defend its refugees

16 March 2010
The tragic suicide of three Russian asylum seekers in Glasgow has shone a light on the appalling conditions faced by many refugees.

Why the system depends on migration and racism

16 March 2010
Capitalism needs workers to survive – but the bosses hate paying for them.

Refugee interviews: ‘People here are nice, but the Home Office treat us like dogs’

16 March 2010
"I can understand why a family here committed suicide. Think about how our lives waste away while we sit and wait in fear," a woman from Pakistan told me.

Protests after deaths of Glasgow asylum seekers

10 March 2010
Some 80 people demonstrated outside the UK Border Agency offices in Govan, Glasgow, yesterday after the deaths of three asylum seekers on Sunday. Up to 300 people joined a commemoration in the evening by the Red Road flats where the three died.

Is immigration destroying "British culture"?

09 March 2010
Everything is changing. Many people worry that we’re "losing the British way of life".

Do migrant workers drive down wages?

02 March 2010
For many people it is common sense that migrant workers drive down wages.

Immigration - the myths being spread to divide us

23 February 2010
Politicians and the right wing press have unleashed a torrent of abuse against immigrants.

Yarl’s Wood hunger strike

09 February 2010
Women held in Yarl’s Wood asylum detention centre were subjected to a brutal lockdown on Monday.

Hunger strike at Yarl's Wood detention centre

08 February 2010
Women in Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre have been on hunger strike since Friday of last week against their treatment in the centre. The detention centre is used to hold people before they are forcibly removed from Britain.

Protest grows to stop playwright Lydia Besong’s deportation

15 December 2009
The campaign to release human rights activist and playwright Lydia Besong, currently in Yarslwood detention centre where she faces deportation to Cameroon, received a boost last week when 100 supporters rallied in Manchester.

Immigration system is hostile and divisive

17 November 2009
Labour has presented its points-based immigration system for people coming to live and work in Britain as a crackdown – a new spirit of tough action.

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