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Kurdish protest in Sheffield

28 October 2008

Labour’s migrant charge plan is a disgrace

30 September 2008
Perhaps the most sickening moment in Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour Party conference last week came when he boasted of plans to introduce a "migrant charge for public services".

Playing the numbers game with immigration

09 September 2008
"I’ll swap you one pensioner retiring to the Costa del Sol for one midwife from Nigeria."

Britain’s big name companies that rely on the gangmasters

02 September 2008
In agriculture, as in other low paid sectors, many workers are supplied by gangmasters or "mediators". They sometimes flout minimum wage legislation by deducting inflated sums for housing and transport directly from workers’ pay.

Domestic workers in private homes suffer a hidden misery of exploitation, poor health and abuse

02 September 2008
Every year around 17,000 visas are granted to people from countries outside the European Union to come to Britain as domestic workers. The majority are women, carrying out jobs such as caring for children or other family members, cooking and cleaning.

The restaurants where the wine is worth more than the workers

02 September 2008
A table at The Ivy restaurant in Covent Garden is, according to restaurant critic AA Gill, "one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture in London".

Migrant workers: ‘We deserve to be treated like human beings’

02 September 2008
Farming bosses have recently been bemoaning the lack of workers to bring in the harvest this year. While this is a refreshing change from scare stories about "floods" of migrants it still ignores the fact that conditions for migrant workers in Britain are appalling.

Campsfield hunger strikers fight deportation

19 August 2008
Nearly sixty asylum seekers detained at the Campsfield House detention centre, in Oxfordshire, went on hunger strike last week in protest at the brutal treatment they have suffered and their looming deportations.

Unions need to build among migrant workers

29 July 2008
To read the newspapers you would think that migrant workers were a new phenomenon – and a problematic one at that. What concerns the media though is a certain kind of migration.

Rowntree report shows ‘Immigration is not the problem’

22 July 2008
Many people in Britain value the cultural diversity that immigration brings, according to a new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that disputes many assumptions that underlie recent government policy over immigration.

Clinging to New Labour will benefit the right

22 July 2008
Last week a senior trade union figure addressed his members in London. Warning that immigration scares could benefit the far right, he argued the need to keep up support for Labour.

Why we should defend migrant workers

01 July 2008
Anyone reading the press or listening to politicians’ speeches will notice periodic attempts to whip up fears about immigration "running out of control" and to blame immigrants for creating all manner of social problems.

They Get Free Mobiles Don’t They?

29 April 2008
Anyone angry at the media’s constant attacks on asylum seekers will enjoy Banner Theatre Company’s latest production.

Fighting the policies that sent asylum seeker Ama home to die

15 April 2008
Campaigners in Cardiff are to highlight New Labour's brutal treatment of asylum seekers this Saturday at a protest in memory of Ama Sumani.

Victory for Sukula family campaign in Bolton

01 April 2008
Anti-racist campaigners in Bolton were celebrating last week at the news that the Sukula family had won their three-year fight and been granted indefinite leave to remain in Britain.

Tories and Labour attack migrants in House of Lords report

01 April 2008
"Migrants have nicked our jobs" was how the Daily Star greeted a House of Lords report that called for fresh limits on non-European Union (EU) immigrants.

The migrant workers sleeping rough in Peterborough's boom town

25 March 2008
Peterborough has one of the fastest economic growth rates of any city in Britain, and for decades that growth has in part been based on the sweat of immigrant labour.

Immigration controls that are designed to discriminate

04 March 2008
The Labour government introduced draconian new immigration controls last week. By the end of the year, you will need to be a graduate with good English on £40,000 a year to seek permanent work in Britain.

Cast aside and left to die by New Labour

04 March 2008
Women too terrified to give birth in hospitals, sick people refused treatment and some of the poorest people abandoned to die from HIV/Aids.

‘Child trafficking’ raid: no ‘Fagin’ gang to stop and no apologies

05 February 2008
Two weeks ago lurid tabloid headlines proclaimed police raids had freed "child slaves" brought to this country by people traffickers.

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