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Rowntree report shows ‘Immigration is not the problem’

22 July 2008
Many people in Britain value the cultural diversity that immigration brings, according to a new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that disputes many assumptions that underlie recent government policy over immigration.

Why we should defend migrant workers

01 July 2008
Anyone reading the press or listening to politicians’ speeches will notice periodic attempts to whip up fears about immigration "running out of control" and to blame immigrants for creating all manner of social problems.

They Get Free Mobiles Don’t They?

29 April 2008
Anyone angry at the media’s constant attacks on asylum seekers will enjoy Banner Theatre Company’s latest production.

Fighting the policies that sent asylum seeker Ama home to die

15 April 2008
Campaigners in Cardiff are to highlight New Labour's brutal treatment of asylum seekers this Saturday at a protest in memory of Ama Sumani.

Victory for Sukula family campaign in Bolton

01 April 2008
Anti-racist campaigners in Bolton were celebrating last week at the news that the Sukula family had won their three-year fight and been granted indefinite leave to remain in Britain.

Tories and Labour attack migrants in House of Lords report

01 April 2008
"Migrants have nicked our jobs" was how the Daily Star greeted a House of Lords report that called for fresh limits on non-European Union (EU) immigrants.

The migrant workers sleeping rough in Peterborough's boom town

25 March 2008
Peterborough has one of the fastest economic growth rates of any city in Britain, and for decades that growth has in part been based on the sweat of immigrant labour.

Immigration controls that are designed to discriminate

04 March 2008
The Labour government introduced draconian new immigration controls last week. By the end of the year, you will need to be a graduate with good English on £40,000 a year to seek permanent work in Britain.

Cast aside and left to die by New Labour

04 March 2008
Women too terrified to give birth in hospitals, sick people refused treatment and some of the poorest people abandoned to die from HIV/Aids.

‘Child trafficking’ raid: no ‘Fagin’ gang to stop and no apologies

05 February 2008
Two weeks ago lurid tabloid headlines proclaimed police raids had freed "child slaves" brought to this country by people traffickers.

Refugees abandoned on our doorstep

11 December 2007
Gordon Brown’s government is complicit in the misery of tens of thousands of refugees attempting to flee the "war on terror".

Migrants find shelter in forest

11 December 2007
Yves Dransart spends his retirement working with the Collectif de Soutien d’Urgence aux Réfugiés – known as C’SUR. The local group volunteers to help feed and clothe the refugees.

Refugees left to rot in Calais

11 December 2007
Rejected by Britain, abandoned by France and adrift inside fortress Europe. The countries they fled from reads like a list of the battlegrounds in the "war of terror" – Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Palestine, Somalia, Iran, Eritrea.

How Southall’s Asians fought against racism

20 November 2007
The British economy had such a hunger for labour in the long economic boom after the Second World War that government ministers were sent abroad to find workers.

Welcoming migrants: Poles in 1940s Britain

13 November 2007
Last week’s column argued that mass immigration is intimately connected to the growth of capitalism.

The economic roots of mass migration

06 November 2007
Recent reports have shown the contradictions that immigration raises for our rulers.

Labour is playing with fire by repeating racist ideas

12 June 2007
If anyone thought that Margaret Hodge's recent jibes against immigrants were a one-off, a series of pronouncements last week by senior New Labour figures should tell you which way the wind is blowing.

Migrant workers tackling rogue employers in the heart of rural Wessex

05 June 2007
‘It started with informal discussions – we decided something should be done to organise among migrant workers in the south coast region.

Pratt’s Bananas accused of unfair treatment for migrant workers

29 May 2007
BBC Radio 4 last week accused a leading supplier of fair trade bananas to major supermarkets of exploiting Eastern European migrant workers.

Detainees' hunger strike at Yarl's Wood detention centre

15 May 2007
A hunger strike and protest by women detained at Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre in Bedfordshire has highlighted ongoing problems at the centre and new ones with Serco, the company that has run it since April.

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