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Pratt’s Bananas accused of unfair treatment for migrant workers

29 May 2007
BBC Radio 4 last week accused a leading supplier of fair trade bananas to major supermarkets of exploiting Eastern European migrant workers.

Detainees' hunger strike at Yarl's Wood detention centre

15 May 2007
A hunger strike and protest by women detained at Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre in Bedfordshire has highlighted ongoing problems at the centre and new ones with Serco, the company that has run it since April.

Strangers Into Citizens rally: ‘We are all citizens’

08 May 2007
Thousands of migrant workers and their supporters rallied in Trafalgar Square, London, on Monday to demand that the government regularises the status of undocumented workers in Britain.

May Day march in Manchester calls for migrant rights

08 May 2007
Manchester's May Day march and rally on Monday 7 May brought trade unionists together with refugee and asylum led organisations and community groups.

Refugees demand end to deportations to Congo

07 April 2007
On Wednesday of last week campaigners held lobbies in seven cities around Britain against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Solidarity with refugees

31 March 2007
Over 700 people crammed into a meeting last week in Birmingham to discuss defending people’s right to stay in Britain.

Manchester launch for campaign against deportations to Congo

10 March 2007
Over 200 refugees launched a campaign to stop forced removals back to the Democratic Republic of Congo at a meeting in Manchester last week.

Bolton success for Sukola family campaign

17 February 2007
Protest has halted plans to remove the Sukula family from Bolton. We heard the good news on Monday, two days after 100 people rallied outside Bolton town hall in support of the Sukula Family Must Stay campaign.

Ghosts: a haunting portrayal of the Morecambe Bay tragedy

06 January 2007
How was it that on a cold and windy night almost three years ago, a group of young Chinese men and women were stranded by incoming tides at Morecambe Bay, with 23 tragically drowning?

Why detained refugees rioted at Harmondsworth

09 December 2006
"Freedom" was one of the messages spelt out with bedsheets by detainees who briefly took control of parts of Harmondsworth immigration detention centre last week.

Migrants and wages

11 November 2006
Newspapers last week wanted us to panic about the 64,000 workers from eastern Europe who came to Britain last year. We are apparently supposed to be less concerned by the 68,000 people who came from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa - and we are expected to ignore the thousands of people from Britain who left the country.

Protest at Scottish parliament to defend refugees

04 November 2006
Immigration minister Liam Byrne visited Scotland last week to calm controversy over dawn raids and deportations of refugees in Glasgow.

Another stir of the toxic mix - New Labour and workers from Romania and Bulgaria

04 November 2006
Labour’s long anticipated approach to the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the European Union (EU) was announced last week. As expected, Home Secretary John Reid has opted for various restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians working in Britain.

New Labour attacks migrants from Bulgaria and Romania

28 October 2006
Not content with whipping up Islamophobia, New Labour is now targeting workers from Bulgaria and Romania.

Study shows high risk for migrant workers

21 October 2006
Migrant workers are risking their lives every day according to new research.

Yarl’s Wood: asylum seekers are victims of the British authorities

14 October 2006
The Yarl’s Wood detention centre for asylum seekers in Bedfordshire has been the scene of a number of scandals since it opened in 2001.

Migration Watch and Malthusian myth making in the media

02 September 2006
We passed a demographic milestone on Thursday of last week, according to the media. "UK Population Passes 60 Million For The First Time", the headlines read, referring to figures produced by the government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The politics of migration

02 September 2006
People have always moved from one part of the globe to another. They have moved as settlers, to join family members, to study or to flee persecution. But ever since capitalism began to establish itself as the dominant mode of production, the main type of migration has been labour migration.

Polish migrants can organise

02 September 2006
‘I came to Britain in 2000, before Poland joined the European Union (EU). So I had to wait six months before I could get the right papers and was allowed to work.

Polish migrants and unemployment

26 August 2006
No one knows how many people from the new central and eastern member states of the European Union (EU) have moved to Britain since they joined in May 2004. Estimates vary between 300,000 and 500,000, mainly Polish workers. Certainly in London, they seem to have fitted in very quickly.

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