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Letters—Young people are turning left, and towards socialism

Letters—Young people are turning left, and towards socialism New research from the right wing Institute of Economic Affairs shows 67 percent of young people are rejecting capitalism in favour of socialism.

International round up—Indian farmers block trains

International round up—Indian farmers block trains Farmers in India stepped up their battle with the government last week with blockades of railway tracks.

Letters—No job leaves me asking what was the point of college?

Letters—No job leaves me asking what was the point of college? Finally graduating from university after three years is an overwhelming feeling.

How British imperialism split Cyprus

How British imperialism split Cyprus With Turkey and Greece the closest to conflict than they have been in years Nick Clark explains why Cyprus has been such a focus point for imperialist powers, especially Britain

Betrayed by sexist system

Betrayed by sexist system The sexist treatment carried out by the police and justice systems toward women alleging rape was highlighted in a recent horrifying case in Cyprus

General strikes hit Northern Cyprus

General strikes hit Northern Cyprus A series of general strikes in Northern Cyprus are turning into a revolt against the government following a fatal road accident last month.

Cyprus shows up Tory refugee lies

10 November 2015
David Cameron is refusing to help refugees on British territory in Cyprus, writes Dave Sewell

Has Syriza reached its moment of truth?

05 May 2015
Many commentators argue that the Greek left government headed by Syriza is heading towards the moment of truth in its confrontation with the European Union.

Bank workers in Cyprus face the loss of half their pensions

05 April 2013
More than 5,000 bank workers in southern Cyprus were set to strike on Thursday of this week, and lead a mass protest outside parliament while it decides the future of their pensions.

Workers’ rage at Cyprus bail out deal

28 March 2013
The bank deal imposed to keep Southern Cyprus in the eurozone will bring job losses, privatisation and financial ruin to ordinary people.

Cyprus bail in shows austerity has failed

28 March 2013
The crisis in Cyprus is dominating headlines worldwide and in Greece. The mainstream media claims that what is at stake is reform of an island economy that relies on “money laundering for the Russian oligarchs”.

Fury in Cyprus as banks try to snatch savings

21 March 2013
People in southern Cyprus woke last Saturday to news that money would be lifted from their bank accounts to pay for a bailout of the country’s two biggest banks.

Local Stranger

06 March 2012
Songwriter Alkinoos Ioannidis mixes traditional Cypriot and Greek music with classical and rock elements.

A historic victory for the left in Cyprus

01 March 2008
A defeat for Greek Cypriot nationalism and neoliberalism Dimitris Christofias won the presidential runoff in Southern Cyprus on Sunday 24 February. He took 53 percent of the vote in an unprecedented victory for the island’s Communist AKEL party, beating the conservative Yiannis Kasoulides, who polled 46 percent.

Hawks at each other's throats

20 September 2003
"IRAQ: THE New War". That headline in the prestigious New York Review of Books captures the scale of the fighting that continues in Iraq. The word occupation does not adequately describe what is happening. There is a new phase in this war that we were assured was won when Western television stations took carefully choreographed shots of the fall of statues to Saddam Hussein five months ago. It is like the colonial wars conducted in the 1950s by the British army in Kenya, Malaysia, Aden and Cyprus, and by France in Algeria.

Voices from the world's biggest global anti-war protest

22 February 2003
Turkey | Luxembourg | Ireland | Australia | Austria | Czech Republic | Malaysia | New Zealand | Switzerland | Malta | Poland | Cyprus | Norway | Germany

Prisoners in revolt

11 January 2003
A POLITICAL explosion reminiscent of the fall of the Berlin Wall is shaking Cyprus. It has the potential to overcome the tragic division of the island's people along ethnic lines-Turks in a state in the north, Greeks in the south. It could also challenge Greece and Turkey, which, along with former colonial power Britain, have fostered those divisions.

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