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The Killing

28 June 2011
US remake of the cult Danish police investigation series.

The Killing is riveting and essential viewing

19 April 2011
Those of us who were consumed by the first series of Danish television thriller The Killing will have to wait until the autumn for series two.

Armadillo, directed by Janus Metz Pedersen

12 April 2011
This Danish documentary is about the Armadillo "forward operating base" in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, shared by Danish and British troops.

Nordic unions prepare action in support of BA strikers

01 April 2010
Trade unions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are giving legal notice that they will take action in support of British Airways cabin crew. The five unions – Sweden’s SEKO and Swedish Transport Workers’ Union, Denmark’s 3F and Norway’s Parat and Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union – have acted in response to a call for lawful solidarity action made by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

Climate protests defy the police in Copenhagen

17 December 2009
The demonstration "Reclaim Power" in Copenhagen on Wednesday of this week attracted several thousand Danish and international protesters.

‘Flood’ of protest hits Copenhagen

15 December 2009
More than 100,000 protesters gathered in the Danish capital of Copenhagen last Saturday to demand that world leaders take serious action on climate change.

Take climate fight to Copenhagen

13 October 2009
Jørn Andersen is from the Climate Movement in Denmark – known as Klimabevægelsen. He is also part of the coordination group of the 12 December Initiative – a broad coalition of organisations preparing for the demonstration at the United Nations (UN) climate summit in Copenhagen on 12 December.

Housing regeneration: a ‘des res’ mess

20 May 2008
There is another, less famous May 1968 anniversary this month – the partial collapse of the Ronan Point tower block in Newham, east London. Twenty two storeys high, this block was based on a Danish system that was only designed to go up to six storeys.

Reports round-up

08 August 2007
King’s College Hospital rally Union members held a rally last week in support of Unite union representative Tony Anthrobus, whose job is threatened by a reorganisation at King’s College Hospital in south London where Tony has worked for over 40 years. A demonstration has been called on Wednesday 15 August, assembling 12.30pm, Ruskin Way entrance, King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill

A State of Denmark | The Star | Media Burn

13 January 2007
A State of Denmarkby Derek Raymond£7.99 Serpent’s Tailpublished 18 January Cult crime novelist Derek Raymond wrote this dystopian novel in the mid 1960s. It concerns a future England where an openly fascist regime has taken power, led by Jobling, a former Labour politician.

Danish welfare demonstration

23 May 2006
Some 110,000 Danish workers and students demonstrated in cities and towns on Wednesday of last week to protest against government attacks on welfare.

Cartoon protests: uniting against Islamophobia

25 February 2006
The anger following the publication of racist depictions of the prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper, and their republication across Europe, has continued to find expression in meetings and protests.

How the US lied over cartoon riots

18 February 2006
"Condoleezza Rice is a liar. The US secretary of state blamed Iran and Syria for inciting violence over Danish caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.

Cartoon row: the issue is racism

11 February 2006
This is not about "freedom of speech". It’s not about a "war of civilisations". It’s about racism. Anyone who doubts that need look no further than the right wing Danish paper that commissioned the notorious anti-Muslim cartoons last September.

Cartoon caricatures were designed to offend

11 February 2006
Much has been made in recent days of the commitment to free speech in the Danish press.

Freedom to spread hate?

11 February 2006
The furore over the Danish cartoons shows the growth of Islamophobia, writes Alex Callinicos

Something is rotten in the state of Blair

18 October 2003
THERE'S A scene in Shakespeare's Hamlet where Hamlet walks in on the man who has corrupted the state of Denmark, the king. The problem for Hamlet is that the king is praying.

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