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Protests in Ecuador force government to back down

Protests in Ecuador force government to back down Protesters in Ecuador have forced the government to cancel an austerity package

Latin America and the rise of the right

Latin America and the rise of the right How the Pink Tide ebbed and what can be done to stop the reactionaries

Ecuador brought to a halt by anti-cuts strikes and protests

Ecuador brought to a halt by anti-cuts strikes and protests Indigenous groups and trade unions across Ecuador came together in a national day of strikes, road blocks and protests on Thursday of last week.

Julian Assange must face rape charges, not US revenge

Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder being protected by the Ecuadorian embassy in London, appeared on a low balcony last Sunday to make a speech. He seemed to be almost mocking the British police, who could not touch him.

Coup fails in Ecuador but tensions remain

A strike organised by police officers in Ecuador turned into an attempted coup last week.

Crude - The Real Price of Oil

19 January 2010
This film charts the long battle of the people of Amazonian Ecuador against oil giant Chevron.

Ecuador's new constitution reveals tensions in Latin America

14 October 2008
On 28 September, more than 60 percent of Ecuador’s population voted to support a new radical "Bolivarian" constitution.

Ecuador: banana tycoon slips up as left candidate elected

02 December 2006
Left wing candidate Rafael Correa looks set to become Ecuador’s president following elections last Sunday.

Ecuador — ‘It’s much easier to create an uprising if you’re united’

14 May 2005
On 8 December, Gutierrez annulled the supreme court in Ecuador. He didn’t give any reason, or quote any law—he just abolished it because it was too independent. From that date the people started to organise themselves, holding assemblies and taking to the streets in massive numbers.

Marxism 2005 — Make capitalism history

30 April 2005
The new millennium has already seen millions march against war — from London to Mumbai, from Washington to Cairo. Governments have toppled in the face of mass opposition on the streets in Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador.

‘Outlaws’ in Ecuador bring down president who betrayed voters

30 April 2005
The South American country of Ecuador is in turmoil. Lucio Gutierrez, the president in whom the mass movement once placed great hopes, has fled the country.

‘Real changes haven’t arrived yet’

22 January 2005
ON 1 January 1994 the Zapatistas broke the imperialist tranquillity of Latin America. Five years later and a large part of the continent had entered a period of revolts, government changes and general strikes that continues to the present day. In January 2000 a revolt by the Ecuadorians against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) demolished the government of Jamil Mahuad.

Against a world of war and poverty

01 February 2003
TWO THINGS formed the background to last weekend's World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. One was the threat of a devastating war against Iraq within weeks. The other was the swing to the left in Latin America, expressed in the victory of left wing candidates in presidential elections in Brazil and Ecuador, and in the failure of the coup attempt against Hugo Chavez's government in Venezuela.


30 November 2002
THE VICTORY of Lucio Gutierrez in Ecuador's presidential election on Sunday is another sign of the growing rejection of neo-liberal policies and associated austerity across Latin America. Some 13 million people live in Ecuador, and 60 percent of them exist below the official poverty line.

Uprising in Ecuador

17 February 2001
Revolt against the "neo-liberal" policies of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) swept the South American country of Ecuador last week-and won. Thousands of indigenous people from the countryside marched on the capital, Quito, and occupied the city's university and the headquarters of a visiting IMF delegation.

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