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EDL arrest in Bristol

20 November 2012
The leader of the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bristol has been arrested in connection with racist graffiti sprayed on mosques and temples.

Police hold 347 children in cells

20 November 2012
More than 347 children were held in police cells last year in England and Wales because police thought they were mentally ill. The children, some as young as 11, had not necessarily been involved in any crime. Some were held for over 24 hours.

Norwich unites against racism and fascism to send EDL packing

11 November 2012
Around 2,000 protestors marched in Norwich against the fascist English Defence League (EDL) last Saturday in a fantastic display of multiculturalism and working class unity.


06 November 2012
How protest stopped the EDL Here in Walthamstow our local Unite Against Fascism (UAF) group has been meeting monthly since 2008. We knew that sooner or later the racist English Defence League (EDL) would want to come and stir up hatred in our community.

Health workers call march against south west pay cartel

06 November 2012
The Unite union’s health branch in Bristol has called a demonstration on 1 December against moves to slash pay across the south west of England.

Anti-fascists drive the EDL racists out of Walthamstow

30 October 2012
Around 1,000 anti-racists gathered in Walthamstow, north east London, last Saturday and celebrated a resounding victory over the fascist English Defence League (EDL).

Anti-fascists celebrate victory in Waltham Forest over EDL racists

27 October 2012
Around 1,000 anti-racists gathered in Walthamstow, north east London, today (Saturday) to celebrate a resounding victory over the fascist English Defence League (EDL).

Let's defeat the racist EDL in Walthamstow this weekend

23 October 2012
Anti-fascists could deal a hammer blow to the seriously damaged English Defence League (EDL) when it attempts to march in north east London on Saturday.

It's right to take on the Football Association over racism

23 October 2012
It’s good to see the Football Association (FA) supporting campaigns against racism. And it’s good to hear football bosses speaking out against the horrific racism at England Under-21’s last match against Serbia.

Stop the racists in their tracks

16 October 2012
The fascist English Defence League (EDL) is threatening to descend on Walthamstow, east London, on Saturday 27 October. The racists hope to spread fear among Muslims and whip up violence.

Rotherham prepares to oppose the racist English Defence League

12 October 2012
A packed public meeting organised by Rotherham Unite Against Fascism on Monday called for a huge response to the racist and fascist English Defence League (EDL) in the town this Saturday.

Waltham Forest anti-fascist rally vows to stop the EDL's return

11 October 2012
Over 130 people crammed into a public meeting in Walthamstow, east London, on Tuesday night to organise against the latest threat from the fascist English Defence League (EDL).

Day of action in Waltham Forest to oppose the racist EDL

09 October 2012
Anti-racist activists in Waltham Forest, east London, have called a day of action against the racist English Defence League (EDL) on Saturday of this week. The EDL plans to march there on 27 October.

Health service staff fight back against South West pay 'cartel'

02 October 2012
Workers at NHS trusts across the south west of England protested last week against plans to impose regional pay.

EDL outnumbered and frustrated by anti-racists in Walsall

30 September 2012
A determined 700-strong rally demonstrated in central Walsall yesterday (Saturday) against 150 racists and fascists from the English Defence League (EDL).


11 September 2012
Walthamstow march was a sweet victory The demonstration in Walthamstow against the racist English Defence League (EDL) last week was magnificent. I have lived in the area for five years. I’m parent to a 12 year old boy who goes to school around the corner from the town hall—where the EDL tried to rally.

News round-up

11 September 2012
Ofqual ordered lower grades Leaked letters show that exams regulator Ofqual told the Edexcel exam board to grant lower grades for GCSE English. Tory education secretary Michael Gove, who has complained of "grade inflation", created Ofqual.

Desperate EDL leaders gamble all on a return to Waltham Forest

10 September 2012
The fascist English Defence League (EDL) has announced that it intends to return to Walthamstow in east London on Saturday 27 October.

Allan Horsfall (1927-2012)

06 September 2012
Allan Horsfall, a pioneer of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) equality in Britain, has died aged 84. He was a key figure in the movement to abolish laws in England that banned all sex between men.

This is how to smash the EDL

04 September 2012
The racists and fascists of the English Defence League (EDL) suffered a humiliating defeat last Saturday.

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