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Chelmsford set to defy EDL

14 August 2012
Activists in Chelmsford were set to defend the city from the English Defence League (EDL) this Saturday. United Chelmsford, a local grassroots group, was organised to oppose them.

The rich start to panic

14 August 2012
The media is full of dire judgments on the state of the British economy. Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, says nothing is going to get better fast. He admits the recovery will be "a long, slow process".

Leeds council sacks a leading strategist behind the racist EDL

09 August 2012
A key figure in the shadowy network of strategists behind the racist English Defence League (EDL) has been sacked by Leeds City Council.

East London public meeting pledges to defy the racists

07 August 2012
Waltham Forest has sent a message of defiance to the racist English Defence League (EDL), which plans to march in the east London borough next month.

Waltham Forest public meeting pledges to defy the racist EDL

01 August 2012
Waltham Forest has sent a message of defiance to the racist English Defence League (EDL), which plans to march in the east London borough next month.

One year on, the rage still burns

31 July 2012
For four days in August last year the streets of England burned. There were riots and other forms of disorder in at least 66 towns and cities, involving anything up to 15,000 people—most of them young. The police took a hammering as cars and buildings were set ablaze and shops were looted.

Resistance to NHS cuts rises

24 July 2012
NHS employers’ plans to slash the pay and conditions of hundreds of thousands of health workers in England are meeting resistance.

Racists outnumbered by Bristol protests and Pride

17 July 2012
The English Defence League’s (EDL) promise of a march of thousands in Bristol turned out to be a damp squib last Saturday.

Racist bosses are in a league of their own

17 July 2012
Is football the epicentre of racism? With the scandal of former England captain John Terry fresh in our minds it is tempting to think so.

Six arrested under Terrorism Act

17 July 2012
West Midlands Police have charged six men under the Terrorism Act 2006 for an alleged plot to attack an English Defence League (EDL) demonstration in Dewsbury last month.

Revealed: how health bosses are plotting to slash NHS pay

17 July 2012
NHS bosses in England and Wales plan to slash pay for hundreds of thousands of health workers next year.

ESOL campaigners condemn Ed Miliband immigration speech

13 July 2012
Activists, teachers and students involved with teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) have launched a petition attacking Labour leader Ed Miliband’s recent speech on immigration.

News round-up

10 July 2012
Racism trial opens for John Terry Former England football captain John Terry admitted to a court that he used racist language during Chelsea’s match against QPR last October.

How did bank bosses fail to notice the obvious?

10 July 2012
This is the graph that shows what happened after the Bank of England’s Paul Tucker spoke to Bob Diamond about reducing interest rates between banks.

EDL racists march in Dewsbury

03 July 2012
Around 100 anti-racists marched through Dewsbury on Saturday 30 June in protest at a rally by the racist English Defence League (EDL). Hundreds more gathered outside the mosque.

Dewsbury says no to racist EDL

26 June 2012
Anti-racists were set to stand up to the English Defence League in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, this Saturday.

Stop NHS trusts' pay cartel

05 June 2012
Sixteen NHS trusts in south west England have signed up to what unions describe as a "pay cartel".

Activists are mobilising in Rochdale to stop racist EDL exploiting misery

05 June 2012
The racist English Defence League is set to come to Rochdale on Saturday of this week. Activists there are organising to protest against them.

Rochdale sex abuse is nothing to do with race

15 May 2012
Nine men from Rochdale in the north west of England were jailed last week after being found guilty of sexually exploiting young girls.

Occupy protesters march on the Bank of England

15 May 2012
More than 300 people came to Occupy London’s "Meet the 1 percent" demonstration last Saturday.

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