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Infections are on the rise in Germany as lockdown lifts

12 May 2020
Germany—hailed as one of the “success stories” in controlling coronavirus—was one of many European countries to ease its lockdown restrictions last week.

Mass protests after massacre by Nazi terrorist in Germany

21 February 2020
Tens of thousands of people protested after a gunman killed nine people from migrant backgrounds at a shisha bar and a cafe in the city of Hanau.

International round-up—Protests in Germany beat back right and US elections

11 February 2020
Mass pressure from below has blocked the further entry of the far right AfD party into German mainstream politics.

Build the resistance as risk of recession grows

10 December 2019
News from the German economy last week sent a shiver through bosses across Europe.

Why Roger Hallam was wrong about the Holocaust

22 November 2019
 Hallam downplayed the Holocaust as “just another fuckery in human history” and “almost a normal event”.

When the wall came tumbling down

05 November 2019
So-called socialist regimes in eastern Europe were nothing of the kind

BBC misses the real lessons of Hitler’s seizure of power

10 September 2019
The series ignores how bosses handed the Nazis power—and the force that could have stopped them, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

International round up: Trump plan for indefinite detention of migrants

27 August 2019
Donald Trump unveiled new rules last Wednesday that would allow migrants to be locked up indefinitely

Warsaw 44 – An uprising betrayed

30 July 2019
Tens of thousands of people in Warsaw rose up against Nazi rule 75 years ago this month. The heroic action was abandoned by the Allies writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Amazon staff stage strikes in protest at pay and conditions

16 July 2019
Groups of Amazon workers across the world struck on Monday in protest at pay and conditions.

International round-up—Protest at German mine

25 June 2019
Thousands of activists stormed a German coal mine last weekend to draw attention to the use of climate-wrecking fossil fuels.

Rosa Luxemburg - a fighter for revolution

07 January 2019
One hundred years ago this week right wing paramilitaries killed the revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg—on the orders of a reformist, social democratic party.

Days of hope - the 1918 German Revolution

04 November 2018
A revolution in Germany that erupted 100 years ago this month rocked Europe’s rulers and put a socialist world on the agenda. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at how the revolt showed the power of workers to liberate themselves—and to end bloody war.

International round-up - Anti-racist action across Italy and German forest under threat

30 October 2018
“In my country nobody is a foreigner!” This slogan summarised a day of national mobilisation in Italy on Saturday last week.

Some 250,000 join Unteilbar anti-racist demonstration in Berlin

16 October 2018
But it comes alongside another election breakthrough for the far right, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

State racism—fuelling the fire of fascism

09 October 2018
Tories and others claim that they can undermine the far right by being more racist. But as Tomáš Tengely-Evans explains, conceding to the fascists’ ideas just boosts them

Thousands of Nazis march as racists carry out violent attacks on migrants

25 September 2018
The battle against the far right continued last weekend as

Powerful solidarity with refugees in Austria and Germany

17 September 2018
Anti-racists from Austria and Germany joined forces at the border town of Passau

Anti-racists organise in Germany after attack

04 September 2018
Christine Buchholz, MP for left party Die Linke, spoke to Socialist Worker about how to confront the far right

Chemnitz—A warning from Germany

31 August 2018
Several thousand Nazis went on the rampage against migrants and left wingers in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, on the August bank holiday weekend. Gabi Engelhardt from Aufstehen Gegen Rassismus (Stand Against Racism) Chemnitz spoke to the Marx21 socialist magazine about what’s fuelled the far right—and how to push it back

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