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Video of Lindsey German addressing World Against War demo in London, 15 March

18 March 2008
Lindsey German, Left List mayoral candidate for the GLA elections, addressing the World Against War demonstration in central London on Saturday 15 March 2008.

Why Respect is standing as ‘Left List’ in London

11 March 2008
Lindsey German was Respect’s mayoral candidate in the 2004 London elections. She was re-selected as Respect’s mayoral candidate last spring by over 300 Respect members at a properly convened all-London convention.

Respect for London

04 March 2008
Lindsey German attends Bethnal Green tube disaster commemoration Respect’s candidate for London mayor Lindsey German attended a commemoration of the Bethnal Green tube disaster last Saturday.

Rise of new left party reshapes German politics

26 February 2008
The rapid ascendancy of Die Linke, the new German left party, is causing a crisis for all other mainstream parties – particularly the conservative CDU and the SPD, Germany’s equivalent of New Labour. Both parties share power in a coalition government.

The Edge of Heaven

26 February 2008
A Turkish revolutionary flees to Germany looking for her mother.

Kosovo’s breakaway will inflame 'cold war' tensions

19 February 2008
The US, Britain, France, Germany and Italy have rushed to recognise last Sunday’s unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia made by the parliament in Kosovo.

The tragedy of Germany’s failed revolution

19 February 2008
At the 1907 conference of the Second International (the organisation of European socialist parties) Rosa Luxemburg helped write a resolution committing each party to opposing its own government in a time of war.

Hustings cheers Lindsey Germans’s fighting talk at the Base

12 February 2008
Young people in Brixton, south London, packed into a mayoral hustings meeting at The Base on Monday.

Respect’s London Assembly List

05 February 2008
Lindsey German<lI>Oliur Rahman<lI>Rania Khan<lI>Carole Vincent<lI>Salvinder Dhillon<lI>Sait Akgul<lI>Elaine Graham-Leigh<lI>Kumar Murshid<lI>Glyn Robbins<lI>Berlyne Hamilton<lI>Katt Young<lI>Paul Fredericks<lI>Pat McManus<lI>Tansy Hoskins<lI>Mukul Hira<lI>Pat Stack<lI>Sultana Begum<lI>Mujgan Kazeroonian

Respect launches battle for London

05 February 2008
Over 200 Respect supporters from across London met last week to finalise the selection of a list of candidates for the London Assembly elections on 1 May and to launch Lindsey German’s campaign for mayor.

A new left for eastern Europe

05 February 2008
In 1989 one party regimes crumbled in six countries in Eastern Europe. Within a few weeks there were massive political changes in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania. The Eastern Bloc, which the Soviet Union had dominated, was finished.

Lindsey German: Respect’s fight for Londoners

29 January 2008
London is a divided city. It contains some of the richest people in the world, but most Londoners see little of the wealth.

Back London left challenge to war and neoliberalism

29 January 2008
Respect’s Lindsey German offers a clear and consistent alternative in this year’s race for London mayor. In response to her campaign, supporters of mayor Ken Livingstone have resorted to a tired old theme reiterated whenever Labour faces a radical challenge from the left – "don’t split the vote and let the Tories in".

Breakthrough for left in German elections

29 January 2008
The left in Germany were celebrating this week after making a significant breakthrough in two regional elections.

How Hitler took power

29 January 2008
Seventy five years ago the working class suffered its greatest ever defeat when Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the art of political melodrama

08 January 2008
Rainer Werner Fassbinder – widely considered the greatest German director to emerge since the Second World War – is the subject of a huge DVD reissue programme at the moment.

Respect Renewal rally launches new organisation with attacks on SWP

18 November 2007
George Galloway MP opened the launch rally for his Respect Renewal organisation with personal attacks on John Rees, the national secretary of Respect, and Lindsey German, Respect candidate for London mayor and convenor of the Stop the War Coalition.

The united front: ground for common work

06 November 2007
On 7 January 1921, the German Communist Party addressed an unprecedented appeal to the country’s working class, political parties and trade unions.

Climate Camp and Rostock G8 exhibitions

30 October 2007
London Indymedia presents a photographic exhibition of two of the major protests of this year, the Climate Camp protest in Britain and the Rostock protests against the G8 in Germany.

Liberation of the sexes

23 October 2007
It was socialist women who made the first international appeal against the First World War, at a March 1915 conference organised by German revolutionary Clara Zetkin in Switzerland.

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