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Blockading the Rostock G8

12 June 2007
Despite the 16,000 police and 1,000 troops, the biggest security operation on mainland Germany since the Second World War failed to stop the G8 being blockaded by thousands of protesters intent on causing maximum disruption to the summit.

G8 protests: ‘We went to delegitimise the meeting of world leaders’

12 June 2007
The media focused on the cat and mouse conflict between German riot police and a small section of protesters in Rostock. Meanwhile thousands travelled across Europe to make their voices heard and to underline the hypocrisy of the G8 summit.

Die Linke: high hopes for Germany's new radical left party

12 June 2007
The German left is facing a historic chance. On 16 June, we will found a strong all-German party.

Protesters defy police to rock the G8 leaders

05 June 2007
The German authorities mounted the biggest security operation since the Second World War for the G8 at Heilingandamm near the north German town of Rostock.

George Bush refuses to budge over climate change

29 May 2007
Tony Blair promised that his friend George Bush would sign up to "at least the beginnings" of action to cut carbon dioxide emissions at the forthcoming G8 summit in Rostock, Germany.

Mass protests set to shake G8 summit at Rostock

29 May 2007
Protesters from across Germany and beyond will gather in the city of Rostock this weekend for a series of demonstrations against the G8 summit of world leaders that takes place there next week.

German strikers look to target G8 summit

15 May 2007
A strike by telecom workers in Germany is threatening the upcoming G8 summit in Heiligendamm with a communications blackout.

Protests will confront G8 leaders in Germany

24 April 2007
Leaders of the world’s most powerful countries will gather in Rostock, Germany, for the G8 conference which runs from 2-8 June this year.

Reports round-up

24 March 2007
European rallies against job cuts Some 40,000 Airbus workers protested last Friday in Germany, France, Spain and Britain against plans by the European aircraft maker to cut one in ten of its workforce of 87,000.

Tom Fool captures the dynamics of life under capitalism

17 March 2007
When Tom Fool, Franz Xaver Kroetz’s 1978 drama about the implosion of a working class family in West Germany, was staged at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow last November, audiences were astonished by the power of a play that gets right to the heart of family life under capitalism.

Marx and Hegel: Interpreting the world in order to change it

03 March 2007
Possibly the most important intellectual influence on Karl Marx was the German philosopher GWF Hegel.

Video of Lindsey German addressing the demo in London, 24 February

03 March 2007
Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War, addressing the rally in Trafalgar Square at the end of the 100,000 strong Stop the War Coalition and CND 'Troops Out Now – No Trident Replacement' demonstration against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The demonstration was in London on Saturday 24 February 2007.

Can the German left unite against neoliberalism?

13 January 2007
A strong Left Party will be needed to resist neoliberal policies in Germany in the coming year. VAT (value added tax) rose by 3 percent on all goods and services except food on 1 January.

German Film Festival | Blood Wedding | Watership Down

25 November 2006
German Film FestivalGoethe-Institut and Curzon Soho, London23 November to 1 December This is a great chance to see a few films that will most likely not make it to general release.

Shocking proof of more devastation in Afghanistan

04 November 2006
Recently released pictures of troops desecrating Afghan graves have rocked the "grand coalition" government in Germany.

Mother Courage and Her Children

21 October 2006
A recent Royal Shakespeare Company poster declared that "in war there are no winners". It is a view that German playwright Bertolt Brecht would have disputed.

Labour in cartoons 3: 1943 - Days of hope

21 October 2006
By 1943 workers were already stepping up pressure for radical social change - and for the implementation of previous promises - even though the war against Nazi Germany was still raging.

Pierre Broué: The German Revolution, 1917-1923

14 October 2006
Pierre Broué’s brilliant Marxist history of the German Revolution has just been published as an English language paperback. Ian Birchall introduces two extracts from the book

Election warning from Germany

30 September 2006
The recent German regional state elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern brought losses for the Left Party - the former East German Communist Party the PDS - and gains for the Nazi NPD party.

‘We are striking to keep the NHS public’

30 September 2006
"Hundreds of Unison members in NHS Logistics have taken part in a national strike to oppose the sell-off of essential public services to DHL - a German parcel courier.

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