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Painful Hamburg deal will affect other disputes in Germany

11 March 2006
A deal has been reached after almost three weeks of strikes by public sector workers in Hamburg, northern Germany. The strikes, part of a series of regional actions by the Verdi public sector union, opposed increases in the working week.

Solid strikes test Germany’s coalition

04 March 2006
Strike action in Germany by the public sector union Verdi is now into its fourth week. Roughly 30,000 public sector workers in nine federal states and the municipalities are on strike on any given day.

Sexuality and struggle in Weimar Germany

25 February 2006
Few people today know the history of the gay rights movement. Most people would be surprised to discover that the struggle for sexual and gay liberation has been thoroughly interwoven with the history of the socialist movement.

German grand coalition threatened by public sector strikes

18 February 2006
A rolling programme of strike action by public sector workers across Germany, which started on Monday of this week threatens to destabilise the neo-liberal agenda of the country’s recently elected "grand coalition" government.

Forging a new left party in Germany

10 December 2005
The breakthrough at the general election, with the 54 MPs for the Left Party returned, was a great advance for the left.

German ‘grand coalition’ means new attacks

19 November 2005
Germany's radical left is facing a new challenge. Last week the conservative CDU and CSU parties came to an agreement with the centre left SPD, similar to Britain’s Labour Party, to form a "grand coalition" government.

Challenges opened up by German ‘grand coalition’

15 October 2005
The formation of a "grand coalition" government of the social democrats and Tories in Germany is a sign of the crisis gripping Europe’s elites.

Why the left is celebrating in Germany

01 October 2005
The election in Germany has plunged the political establishment into crisis and has led to the biggest breakthrough of a radical left force since the Second World War. Gerhard Schröder’s SPD, similar to Britain’s New Labour, stood with a programme defending hated measures to attack the welfare state — Agenda 2010 and Hartz IV. The Tory CDU and its would-be coalition partners, the FDP, had programmes saying they would implement even harsher neo-liberal measures.

Winners and losers in Germany’s election

01 October 2005
For the first time since the 1950s there is a nationwide political force to the left of the SPD.

Europe’s radical left welcome Left Party’s success

01 October 2005
‘The German elections give a big new impetus to the Party of the European Left. The Left Party successfully accomplished an unprecedented achievement in the history of post-war Germany — mass support given to a party which places itself to the left of the the continent’s biggest social democracy.

German result is a blow to neo-liberals

24 September 2005
The hung parliament that emerged from the German federal elections is a serious setback for the forces seeking to impose yet more free market "reforms" on us all.

German establishment closes ranks against the left

10 September 2005
Ever Since its launch in July, Linkspartei has been picking up significant support across the German working class. This has predictably led to a concerted smear campaign against Oskar Lafontaine, the party’s best known leader.

The rise of the new German left

27 August 2005
"The left is back. The pact between WASG and PDS under the leadership of Gregor Gysi and Oskar Lafontaine has the potential to change the balance of forces in the political system forever." The editorial of the conservative newspaper Welt am Sonntag on the formation of a new political party tells of the sea change in German politics.

Marxism 2005 under way

09 July 2005
By 10am Friday morning 1,000 people had defied all obstacles to come to the delayed opening rally of Marxism 2005. After a minute's silence for all those killed in the London bombings and in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, they heard powerful and moving speeches from veteran socialist Tony Benn, Stop the War Coalition convenor Lindsey German, Respect MP George Galloway and Portuguese Left Bloc MP, Ana Drago.

Powerful support in Germany for a new unity on the left

25 June 2005
The prospect of a united left electoral challenge has thrown the establishment parties in Germany into panic.

War is part of the global system

18 June 2005
Stop the War Coalition convenor, Lindsey German, and chair of CND, Kate Hudson, have issued calls for anti-war protests during the G8

New alliance poses a challenge in Germany

04 June 2005
Following a disastrous defeat for the governing SPD, the equivalent of Britain’s Labour Party, in its North Rhine and Westphalia heartland, it has called for early elections in a desperate move to ward off rebellion in its ranks.

A new party in Germany that will ‘draw a line in the sand’

21 May 2005
A new left wing party is contesting the regional elections in North Rhine and Westphalia in Germany this Sunday.

The anti-war generation at Newham Sixth Form hustings

30 April 2005
Lindsey German, Respect’s candidate for West Ham, won loud applause when she told a student hustings that we have to fight in the coming election to "make poverty history, make war history".

Socialist Review — May issue out now

30 April 2005
Respect at the polls John Rees, Lindsey German, Janet Alder and Judy Cox provide reports and analysis

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