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27 November 2004
New left on the rise in Germany A CONFERENCE of the initiative for a new left party in Germany last weekend took a major step towards launching a serious challenge to the German SPD—the equivalent of New Labour.

Stars and Stripes shaped like a swastika?

27 November 2004
Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America by Stephen Sewell

East German activists: 'We tore down the dictators'

13 November 2004
IN 1989 mass demonstrations, strikes and confrontations brought lightning-fast transformation to the Stalinist states that most people thought would never change.

Workers have power to beat multinational

30 October 2004
WORKERS AT the Opel car company in Germany have shown exactly how to respond to mass redundancies—by holding a lightning strike. The strike has disrupted production across Europe.

The system that keeps women in chains

23 October 2004
Lindsey German I WAS born in 1951. For someone of my generation, the changes in women’s lives throughout the world have been absolutely astonishing. Perhaps most remarkable is the change from women being centred in the home to working outside the home.

The woman who built barricades

09 October 2004
ONE OF the greatest dates in our history was 18 March 1871. The story starts at the heights of Montemartre, Paris, at about 3am. The whole square is dominated by 250 cannon. The guns had just been used in a war between France and Germany in which Paris had been besieged for the whole winter.

The year world history hung in the balance

18 September 2004
GERMANY WAS on the brink of revolution after the First World War. A workers’ revolt in this powerful country could have broken the isolation of the Russian Revolution and helped to prevent the rise of Adolf Hitler. It was a turning point in the history of the 20th century.

Bring resistance to Blair’s capital

28 August 2004
Lindsey German is the convenor of the Stop the War Coalition.

ESF coming to London: a show of solidarity

21 August 2004
THE government’s Agenda 2010 policy in Germany threatens the biggest attack on the welfare state since the Second World War.

Spirit of 1989 in Germany

14 August 2004
IT ISN’T just Britain that is experiencing a crisis of New Labour style politics.

Germany: birth of a left party

17 July 2004
THE BIGGEST and most established Labour party in Europe is going through its most serious crisis since the First World War.

The best festival of socialist ideas starts this weekend

10 July 2004
Come to the opening rally LINDSEY GERMAN, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, will be joined by Respect MP George Galloway, Walden Bello from Focus on the Global South, Brazilian socialist Luciana Genro, and Giuliano Giuliani, father of Carlo Giuliani who was killed by Italian police at the anti G8 summit protest in Genoa.

Election Results

19 June 2004
The Respect vote around the country Lindsey German, Respect candidate for London mayor, wins fifth place-beating the British National Party and others London mayoral elections (first preferences)

Giovanni Pesce: partisans and liberation from below in 1944-5

19 June 2004
VETERANS OF the Second World War rightly remembered this month the suffering in the D-Day landings 60 years ago. But the official D-Day celebrations peddled a double myth. First, that the leaders of Britain and the US were driven by principled opposition to fascism. Second, that it was the intervention of the British and the US military that was decisive in beating Germany.

Simon Hughes' latest hustings wobble

10 June 2004
SIMON HUGHES, the Liberal Democrat candidate for London mayor, made a surprise announcement at the Muslim Council for Britain hustings last week. "I want to bring the troops home immediately," he said. "That's the first time I've heard that," shot back Lindsey German, Respect's mayoral candidate.

On 10 June we have a chance to make history

10 June 2004
Leading Respect candidates George Galloway and Lindsey German urge supporters to keep up the campaign until the ballot closes

Stop the war demo and LSE protest

27 May 2004
THOUSANDS OF people joined the emergency Stop the War Coalition demonstration in central London last Saturday. The loud, lively protest called for an end to the torture of Iraqis by US and British troops and the occupation of Iraq. At the rally in Trafalgar Square Lindsey German, the convenor of the Stop the War Coalition and Respect candidate, said, \"The images we are seeing today rank with some of the worst images of war, torture and occupation. Is this liberation? Are these the civilised values of Bush and Blair? This is a fantastic turnout at eight days notice, because we're a fantastic movement. We will continue to demonstrate until every foreign troop is withdrawn from Iraq,

Helping to win votes for Respect

08 May 2004
ONE PART of Socialist Worker's role each week is to be a mini-manifesto for Respect. And that makes it essential reading for everyone who wants to see Blair humbled from the left on 10 June. One example of how the paper can work comes from Croydon and Sutton. There the Respect election agent bought a copy of the paper and e-mailed the article by London candidate Lindsey German to everybody on the Respect contact list.

Respect mayoral candidate Lindsey German: 'my vision for London'

01 May 2004
What we need in London is a voice for all the people who feel that we need fundamental change in the way the city operates. These people feel there is something wrong with a society which sees its priorities as spending money on war and privatisation rather than helping the poorest people and public services.

Germany's biggest anti-cuts march

10 April 2004
GERMANY SAYS its biggest ever mobilisation for social justice and against cuts in social benefits took place on Saturday. More than 500,000 people, mostly workers, took to the streets-250,000 in the capital, Berlin, 120,000 in Cologne and 150,000 in Stuttgart. The German demonstrations were largely focused on the government of Gerhard Schršder, a coalition between the SPD (equivalent to the Labour Party in Britain) and the Greens.

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