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Election breakthrough for racists sends warning from Germany

14 March 2016
A breakthrough for a new party in that has called for shooting refugees and outlawing most divorces sent a warning from Germany last Sunday.

Protests as refugees in Calais face new attack - all out for 19 March demos

23 February 2016
French courts were deciding whether to bulldoze the temporary homes of around 3,000 refugees in Calais as Socialist Worker went to press.

Cardiff housing firm climbdown after uproar at red wristbands for refugees

26 January 2016
Housing firm forced to back down—but asylum seekers tell Socialist Worker they suffer terrible conditions

German far right rides backlash but anti-racists outnumber them

19 January 2016
Around 7,000 people protested against racism in the German city of Stuttgart last Saturday, following a series of attacks on refugees.

Anti-racists in Germany take on politicians promoting panic over refugees

12 January 2016
Racist politicians are trying to use horrific New Year’s Eve attacks on women in German cities to push back against solidarity with refugees. Their attempts are also boosting racist groups.

Sexism is not a foreign import—German socialists respond to Cologne attacks

08 January 2016
Dozens of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Germany. But rather than connecting the events to everyday sexist violence, politicians and the media have turned to stoking up racism. Silke Stöckle and Marion Wegscheider respond in this article for socialist group Marx21

Nazis join racist protest in Berlin

10 November 2015
Up to 4,000 racists and Nazis demonstrated in Berlin last Saturday—the largest such demonstration in the German capital in memory.

Monster march in Berlin says no to the bosses’ TTIP treaty

13 October 2015
Up to 250,000 people marched through Berlin last Saturday against the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The ‘partnership’ that holds back workers' struggle in Germany is starting to fall apart

21 July 2015
Christine Buchholz, an MP in German left party Die Linke, says opposition to austerity is growing on Angela Merkel’s own turf

International round-up

07 July 2015
Yemen bombing | Crackdown in Egypt | Victory for German strike | Migrant deaths in Calais

Islamophobes fail to hijack anger against homophobia in Berlin

14 April 2015
Several thousand people demonstrated against homophobia in Berlin on Sunday of last week—and resisted attempts to pit LGBT people and Muslims against each other.

Protests in Germany as rulers try to beat Greece

24 March 2015
The latest standoff between Europe’s rulers and the Greek government began this week. Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras and German chancellor Angela Merkel held crunch talks in Berlin.

Anti-fascists in Germany push back Islamophobic Pegida

03 February 2015
Anti-racist campaigners in Germany have pushed the Islamophobic Pegida movement into crisis. Five of Pegida’s leading members resigned in the past week, saying that they were worried the organisation was being taken over by fascists.

How we're fighting back against Pegida and Islamophobia in Germany

13 January 2015
Anti-racist activist Jules El-Khatib talks about organising against Germany’s new Islamophobic protest group Pegida

Anti-racists march in Germany

06 January 2015
Thousands have marched in cities across Germany throughout December and again on Monday to counter the rise of new anti-Muslim street movement Pegida.

Wave of solidarity for refugees in Hamburg

21 January 2014
Florian Wilde reports on how a broad movement for residency rights for refugees has combined with a fight for housing and public space in the city – and how a violent state crackdown led to rioting in parts of the city last month.

A boost for Merkel—and the left opposition

24 September 2013
The CDU party of German chancellor Angela Merkel increased its vote at last Sunday’s German election. But her coalition partner, the neoliberal FDP, lost all its MPs for the first time since 1948. Merkel’s popularity came from the relative stability of the growing economy. 

Lessons from Germany to stop the fascist poison spreading

25 June 2013
The rise of fascism in Italy and Germany could have been averted—but only if the left understood the nature of its enemy. 

European Union extends its austerity deadline to defuse fury

04 June 2013

Greeks say no to Merkel visit

09 October 2012
Athens went into lockdown on Tuesday of this week as Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel turned up to discuss austerity with the Greek government.

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