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Is this a revolution or just a coup?

15 February 2011
Leon Trotsky recalls in his memoirs that, immediately after the Russian Revolution of October 1917, Lenin said to him in German, "Es schwindelt"—"It makes one dizzy."

Holocaust memorial day: a day to take anti-fascism forward

25 January 2011
Part of my family was wiped out for the crime of being Jewish in what has become known as the Holocaust. The German Nazi regime strove to create a racially pure, authoritarian society where dissent or difference was not to be tolerated.

German students release statement supporting British students

16 December 2010
Solidarity with British Students!

Protests in Stuttgart put Merkel under pressure

12 October 2010
Plans to replace the central station in Stuttgart, one of Germany’s major cities, have led to mass protests, and a political crisis for the German government.

In their own words

29 June 2010
‘A commentator in El Pais, a Spanish paper, claims that England’s loss to Germany reflects Thatcherism’s demoralising effects on the English proletariat.’

Class rule hiding behind austerity

15 June 2010
We live, we are constantly told, in a liberal pluralist society. Unlike the totalitarian states of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, information and ideas aren’t monolithically controlled from above in these societies.

Forced Journeys: Artists in Exile in Britain 1933 to 1945

20 April 2010
This exhibition of the work of German and Austrian internees on the Isle of Man marks the 70th year since the opening of internment camps on the island.

The White Ribbon DVD

09 March 2010
This film is set in a rural German village on the eve of the First World War.

Greece's fight sheds light on a wider crisis in Europe

02 March 2010
At one level, the Greek crisis is a familiar tale of market blackmail and bullying. Through giving up its own currency and joining the euro, Greece attached itself to one of the world’s major economies, Germany.

Lufthansa pilots show their power in Germany

23 February 2010
A strike by German Lufthansa airline pilots stopped more than 800 flights on Monday.

Victory for German anti-fascists

19 February 2010
German anti-fascists claimed a major victory last Saturday.

2009: a year of terrifying, satirical and fascinating art

15 December 2009
Michael Rosen One of the most tense and moving films I’ve ever seen is The White Ribbon. This tells the story of life in a small German village just before the First World War.

Philip Kerr interview: Bernie Gunther and the crime of the century

01 December 2009
By choosing Nazi Germany as his setting, Philip Kerr has turned crime thrillers into something far more than pulp fiction.


24 November 2009
New revolts in Europe The university occupation movement in Austria is now into its fifth week and is going from strength to strength. The media is supporting the protests, and commenting on the international character of the movement – and that the Austrian students have "infected" Germany with their radicalism. The movement is helping to put increasing pressure on the government.

Gay people in Nazi Germany: how hate triumphs

17 November 2009
In recent weeks thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have come together to hold vigils and show their anger at the rise in homophobic violence.

The revolutions of 1989 - bringing down the Wall

03 November 2009
The events of autumn 1989, and the end of the East German state, can be traced back to the spring and summer before the Wall came down – and even further back in history as well.

Before, during and after - three DVDs about eastern Europe in 1989

03 November 2009
The Lives of Others is a gripping thriller focusing on the role of the East German secret police – the notorious Stasi – in mid-1980s Berlin.

Interview with Christine Buchholz, newly elected German socialist MP

06 October 2009
Why was the Die Linke election campaign so successful? What were the main issues that it raised?

Polarisation across Europe brings left votes

06 October 2009
The media have been gloating about the plight of the left in the wake of the German federal elections a fortnight ago. "A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of socialism’s slow collapse", announced the New York Times last week.

French Resistance: Did the ‘Army of Crime‘ die for France?

06 October 2009
The French Resistance is often presented as a national liberation struggle. Both Communists and the followers of right wing General de Gaulle saw it as a nationalist movement against German occupation. It is only relatively recently that historians have written about the non-French fighters.

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