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France: Rural guerrilla warfare divides the government

François Hollande of France’s Socialist Party (similar to Britain’s Labour Party) was elected president in May. Now his ratings are down to 36 percent—a record low for a new president.

Netherlands: all the mainstream parties call for harsh austerity

Netherlands: all the mainstream parties call for harsh austerity The Dutch parliamentary elections on Wednesday have been won by two parties, the neoliberal VVD and the social democratic Labour Party.

Dutch election results won't end deeper political polarisation

The Dutch parliamentary elections on Wednesday have been won by two parties, the neoliberal VVD and the social democratic Labour Party.

Cambridge student Owen Holland has his suspension cut

A Cambridge university student who was suspended for taking part in a protest against Tory minister David Willetts has had his punishment dramatically cut.

Support suspended student protester Owen Holland

A Cambridge student, who was suspended for more than two years for taking part in a protest, will have his appeal heard on Friday.

Childcare: Dutch and Danish offer different models

How does childcare in Britain compare to that in the rest of Europe? The Tories claim to be following the example of the Netherlands, which uses a network of "host agencies" to run its childcare system.

Hollande victory in France marks anti-austerity backlash

07 May 2012
Crowds gathered across France last night (Sunday) to celebrate the presidential election defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Desperate Sarkozy in pitch for fascist vote

01 May 2012
Ahead of the second round of the French presidential election on 6 May, the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande currently has an opinion poll lead over right-wing incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mass rally in Paris for radical left presidential candidate

20 April 2012
The first round of the French presidential election will take place on Sunday. The Socialist Party candidate François Hollande is set to defeat incumbent right winger Nicolas Sarkozy in the second round on 6 May.

Protesters target McDonald's over workfare

22 February 2012
Right to Work campaigners stormed a McDonald's and a Holland and Barrett store in the City of London tonight (Wednesday) in their latest protest against unpaid work schemes.

European Defence League launch planned

12 October 2010
Racist Dutch politician Geert Wilders is launching a European Defence League in Amsterdam on Saturday 30 October.

Disillusion and despair feed far right in Dutch election

15 June 2010
Results of the Dutch election reveal a fragmented political landscape—and a victory for the right.

Far right gain ground in Dutch elections

09 March 2010
Local election results in the Netherlands are a serious warning to the left.

Icelanders vote against compensation

09 March 2010
Voters in Iceland have overwhelmingly rejected the terms of a deal to compensate British and Dutch banking customers for their losses after the bank Icesave collapsed in 2008.

Anger over Afghan war topples Dutch government

23 February 2010
The Dutch government collapsed last weekend as the Afghan war claimed yet another victim.

Revolutions led to a new kind of society

21 April 2009
England and Holland emerged as powers representing a new capitalist logic of production by the end of the 17th century.

The racist truth about Dutch film maker Geert Wilders

13 February 2009
The banning of Dutch film maker Geert Wilders from Britain has led to renewed arguments about free speech. Last year Maina van der Zwan from Socialist Worker's Dutch sister organisation examined his Islamophobic film, Fitna, describing it as, "a disgusting piece of racist propaganda which resembles Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew), a film Nazis used in 1940 to 'expose' the Jews of Europe".

Geert Wilders' Fitna: Islamophobia on film

08 April 2008
The far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders made international headlines last week with the release of his anti-Muslim film Fitna.

West, not China, is the main polluter

26 June 2007
"China overtakes the US in carbon dioxide emissions," ran the headlines last week after a Dutch environmental agency released a report placing China as the world’s number one producer of greenhouse gases.

Socialists gain in the Dutch elections

02 December 2006
The elections of 23 November resulted in a historic breakthrough for the Socialist Party (SP). For the first time, parties to the left of Labour received a combined vote higher than Labour itself. The SP is now the third biggest party in parliament. All the ruling parties have lost seats and none of their planned coalitions will be able to form a majority government.

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