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The Counterfeiters

18 March 2008
Set in Germany during the Second World War and based on a true story, the film looks at Operation Bernhard – a Nazi plan to destabilise the Allies by flooding their economies with forged currency.

Leon Greenman 1910-2008

11 March 2008
"Young and old alike must learn about the Holocaust as warning against the dangers of racism. There is no difference in colour or religion. If I had survived to betray the dead it would have been better not to survive. We must not forget. Please do not forget."Leon Greenman, Auschwitz survivor 98288

Free Love Music Hate Racism carnival will rally anti-fascists

11 March 2008
A host of bands, MCs and musicians are set to deliver a blow against the fascist British National Party (BNP) next month at the Love Music Hate Racism free carnival in Victoria Park, east London, on Saturday 27 April.

Details of Leon Greenman's funeral

10 March 2008
Leon Greenman's funeral will take place at 2pm tomorrow, Tuesday 11 March, at East Ham Cemetery, Marlow Road, London E6.

Leon Greenman, Holocaust survivor and anti-fascist campaigner, dies

07 March 2008
Leon Greenman, the veteran anti-fascist campaigner and survivor of the Auschwitz death camp, passed away last night at the age of 97.

Unite Against Fascism: Join the carnival to stop the BNP Nazis

04 March 2008
Thirty years ago this April 80,000 people marched to Victoria Park, east London, for a carnival against fascism organised by the Anti Nazi League and Rock Against Racism, headlined by The Clash and The Tom Robinson Band.

Unite Against Fascism conference: ‘Exciting debate meant I left on a high’

04 March 2008
The Unite Against Fascism conference was an excellent event, with a fantastic range of speakers from Daud Abdullah from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to Derek Mumm from gay rights group Stonewall.

Mobilise for Unite Against Fascism conference

19 February 2008
Anti-fascist activists are mobilising for the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) national conference, which is to take place on Saturday 1 March at the TUC Congress House in central London.

Unite union backs Love Music Hate Racism carnival

12 February 2008
Unite, Britain’s largest trade union, has become the latest union to back the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) carnival set to take place on Sunday 27 April in Victoria Park, east London.

How Hitler took power

29 January 2008
Seventy five years ago the working class suffered its greatest ever defeat when Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933.

Love Music Hate Racism carnival against the Nazis

22 January 2008
The campaign against the British National Party (BNP) received a boost last week when two major unions pledged substantial sums to the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) carnival set for Victoria Park in east London on Sunday 27 April.

BNP vote plummets in former stronghold of Sandwell

17 December 2007
Anti-fascists in the West Midlands celebrated on Thursday of last week after a council by-election saw the British National Party (BNP) beaten into third place in one of its former strongholds.

Why there must be no free speech for Nazis

04 December 2007
The Oxford Union’s recent decision to debate with two of Britain’s leading Nazis – Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party (BNP) and David Irving, a convicted Holocaust denier – provoked widespread condemnation.

1,000 anti-fascists wreck Oxford’s sham debate

27 November 2007
I was one of over a 1,000 protesters from all walks of life that gathered outside the Oxford Union debating club on Monday of this week to try and stop it from hosting a "forum" featuring two leading Nazis.

Building against the Nazi menace in Oxford

27 November 2007
People from many different backgrounds came together to build Monday’s 1,000 strong demonstration in Oxford against British National Party leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust denier David Irving.

Anti-Nazi successes in West Midlands

20 November 2007
It was a good day for anti-fascists in the West Midlands on Wednesday of last week.

Protesters blockade Nazis in Blackpool

20 November 2007
Over 200 people attended a protest in Blackpool against a British National Party (BNP) conference held in the town last Saturday.

Demonstrate against fascists speaking at Oxford Union

20 November 2007
Students, local residents and trade unionists in Oxford are joining forces to protest against the Oxford Union debating society’s decision to host an evening headlined by two Nazis – Nick Griffin and David Irving – on Monday of next week.

Oxford students plan reponse to fascist visit

06 November 2007
Between 30 and 40 students at Oxford university from a wide range of political backgrounds met on Monday of this week to plan a united campaign against the decision of the Oxford Union debating club to invite two prominent Nazis to speak on 26 November.

Anti-fascist campaigners mobilise against the BNP’s threat

23 October 2007
Anti-fascist activists have stepped up their campaign to block plans by the Oxford Union debating club to host a pair of Nazis next month.

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