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Our united front can beat Nazi Tommy Robinson

11 December 2018
The anti-racist and anti-fascist unity last Sunday was the best display of what it will take to stop the Nazis

Anti-fascists outnumber Nazi Tommy Robinson’s crew and Ukip

09 December 2018
Ten thousand opposed 5,000 fascists and their friends. But the union of Nazis and a racist electoral party is still a threat.

Are the Kippers floundering, or will their racist party survive?

07 December 2018
Leading figures are leaving Ukip over its links with Nazis. But the racist party can’t be written off yet, argues Sadie Robinson

News round up: Cops could have lied about anti-fascism demo

27 November 2018
Two West Midlands Police officers have been charged with misconduct in public office.

Unite and stop the racists and fascists on 9 December

27 November 2018
Anti-racists are mobilising against a planned march called by Nazi Tommy Robinson on Sunday 9 December

After Tommy Robinson appointed ‘adviser’ to Ukip leader—join counter-demonstration on 9 December

23 November 2018
Nazi Tommy Robinson has been appointed as a “special adviser” to the leader of the racist Ukip party

Protest against Tommy Robinson in London on 9 December

20 November 2018
Nazi Tommy Robinson has called on his supporters to take to the streets on Sunday 9 December in London.

GALLERY - On the march against racism and fascism

18 November 2018
Pictures of the 17 November demonstration by Guy Smallman

Tens of thousands on the march against racism and fascism

17 November 2018
It showed the sort of fighting unity we need against the lies and the division peddled by the racists and the far right.

Humiliation for racists and fascists in Norwich, Coventry and Cardiff

13 November 2018
Around 1,000 anti-racists and anti?fascists outnumbered a motley crew of no more than 50 racists and Nazis in Norwich

Anti-fascists protest in Athens over Golden Dawn trial

13 November 2018
Anti-fascists in Greece protested outside the Court of Appeal in Athens on Tuesday.

Poland’s right wing government boosts fascist march

12 November 2018
A 200,000-strong march in the capital Warsaw was jointly organised by Poland’s fascist organisations and the highest state officials to mark the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence.

The new rise of the right

11 November 2018
From Hungary, to Italy, to Brazil, to the US, racists and fascists are growing. Charlie Kimber looks at what’s behind this terrifying growth—and how we can stop it

How we can push back against racism

09 November 2018
Thousands of people will march in London on 17 November against the rise of racism and fascism. Activists spoke to Socialist Worker about the renewed threat from the right—and what needs to be done to fight it

Hundreds of anti-fascists humiliate tiny group of Nazis in Liverpool

03 November 2018
Hundreds of protesters drove a far right group out of Liverpool on Saturday.

Has Brazil fallen to fascism?

02 November 2018
Far right Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to workers and the oppressed. But the potential power of those who oppose him means it’s possible to stop his project, argues Alistair Farrow

Racism from Donald Trump lies behind attack on synagogue in Pittsburgh

29 October 2018
Eleven people were murdered on Saturday in the deadliest single attack on Jewish people in the history of the US.

Resistance needed after far right victory in Brazil

28 October 2018
Jair Bolsonaro took around 55 percent of the vote and threatens to unleash brutal attacks on working class people

Tommy Robinson retrial is put back

23 October 2018
The retrial of Nazi Tommy Robinson has been put back after a hearing at the Old Bailey court in London on Tuesday.

‘Together we can take on racism and the right,’ say activists at 1,400-strong conference

23 October 2018
Anti-racists from across Europe vowed to step up the fight against the far right and racism at the Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) international conference in central London last Saturday.

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