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Anti-fascists rally on eve of BBC protests

21 October 2009
The mood was angry and determined as around 200 people gathered at a Unite Against Fascism rally in central London tonight, on the eve of fascist Nick Griffin's appearance on the BBC's Question Time.

Beating the Nazis in the 1970s: 'We did it before and we’ll do it again'

20 October 2009
Iqbal Khan Iqbal Khan was involved in the struggle against the National Front in the 1970s in Southall, west London

Racist EDL forced off streets of Swansea

20 October 2009
People in Swansea were shocked and disgusted by racist thugs taking to their city’s streets too last Saturday.

Hitler’s rule shows danger of debating fascists

20 October 2009
Can we defeat fascism through the superiority of our arguments, by letting loose the BBC’s finest presenters and allowing the racists to expose themselves in the "glare of publicity"?

How do we stop these Nazis?

13 October 2009
The English Defence League is not welcome anywhere.

Keep BNP off Question Time

13 October 2009
The BBC’s decision to invite Nick Griffin, the leader of the fascist British National Party (BNP), onto next week’s Question Time is continuing to cause outrage.

Marek Edelman: the ghetto fighter

13 October 2009
"Now the SS men were ready to attack. In closed formations, stepping haughtily and loudly, they marched into the seemingly dead streets of the Central Ghetto. Their triumph appeared to be complete.

Stop Nazi Nick Griffin spouting race hate on the BBC

13 October 2009
Thousands of anti-Nazi protesters will surround the BBC studios in west London on Thursday of next week, determined to stop Nick Griffin appearing on the flagship Question Time programme.

Anti-racists stand up to EDL thugs in Manchester

13 October 2009
More than 2,000 anti‑racists gathered in Manchester city centre on Saturday of last week to face down one of the biggest Nazi protests in central Manchester since Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts in the 1930s.

Vigil against racist vandalism of Muslim graves

06 October 2009
Around 80 people held a vigil last Sunday in response to the racist desecration of Muslim gravestones in Manchester.

BNP members at German Nazi festival

29 September 2009
A group of leading BNP members from the Midlands have been pictured speaking at a recent neo-Nazi rally in Germany. BNP organiser Mike Bell headed a group of British fascists, joining others from across Europe at a rock festival organised by the German fascist NPD group. This shows that the BNP is serious about building a network of fascist groups across Europe.

Lying Nazi Richard Barnbrook gets punished by council

29 September 2009
Most anti-fascists already know the BNP lies – but in the case of one high-profile Nazi, it is now official.

Activists’ anger at ‘debate’ with BNP

29 September 2009
Anti-fascist campaigners are promising a storm of protest in response to the news that Nazi leader Nick Griffin is to appear on the BBC’s flagship Question Time programme in London on Thursday 22 October.

Why Nick Griffin shouldn’t be on Question Time

22 September 2009
No platform for Nazis Michael Rosen, broadcaster

Leon Kuhn: No platform for fascists

22 September 2009

Don’t let fascist BNP on BBC’s Question Time

15 September 2009
The fascist British National Party (BNP) is attempting to capitalise on the two seats it took in the European elections in June by grabbing as much free publicity as possible. And, outrageously, the BBC is helping it.

Leon Kuhn: No plug for Nazis

15 September 2009

Nazi scum off our screens - why we say no to the BNP on the BBC

15 September 2009
BNP leader Nick Griffin is to be welcomed onto the BBC’s Question Time programme. Chris Bambery answers common sense views on the Nazis and free speech

Terror racist is jailed

15 September 2009
A white supremacist who was planning a campaign of terror against black and Asian people was sentenced at the Old Bailey last week.

EDL beaten at al-Quds march

15 September 2009
The EDL thugs tried to threaten the al-Quds pro-Palestine march in London’s Trafalgar Square last Sunday – but they failed.

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