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Activists’ anger at ‘debate’ with BNP

29 September 2009
Anti-fascist campaigners are promising a storm of protest in response to the news that Nazi leader Nick Griffin is to appear on the BBC’s flagship Question Time programme in London on Thursday 22 October.

Why Nick Griffin shouldn’t be on Question Time

22 September 2009
No platform for Nazis Michael Rosen, broadcaster

Leon Kuhn: No platform for fascists

22 September 2009

Nazi scum off our screens - why we say no to the BNP on the BBC

15 September 2009
BNP leader Nick Griffin is to be welcomed onto the BBC’s Question Time programme. Chris Bambery answers common sense views on the Nazis and free speech

Terror racist is jailed

15 September 2009
A white supremacist who was planning a campaign of terror against black and Asian people was sentenced at the Old Bailey last week.

EDL beaten at al-Quds march

15 September 2009
The EDL thugs tried to threaten the al-Quds pro-Palestine march in London’s Trafalgar Square last Sunday – but they failed.

Bus workers join the anti-EDL protest

15 September 2009
There were groups of bus workers on the Harrow demonstration from at least four local garages.

EDL: Fascism’s street fighting wing

15 September 2009
The EDL has been touted as the street fighting wing of the BNP. Although both the EDL and the BNP deny such links, several of the EDL’s leading organisers are listed as BNP members.

Anti-fascists drive the Nazis out of Harrow

15 September 2009
"Harrow united – no racists here" read one handmade placard on the 2,000-strong anti-fascist demonstration in north west London on Friday of last week.

Unions demand ban on Nazis

15 September 2009
Union leaders have called for a ban on fascist British National Party (BNP) members working in the public services and for a huge campaign to counter the threat of fascism.

Don’t let fascist BNP on BBC’s Question Time

15 September 2009
The fascist British National Party (BNP) is attempting to capitalise on the two seats it took in the European elections in June by grabbing as much free publicity as possible. And, outrageously, the BBC is helping it.

Leon Kuhn: No plug for Nazis

15 September 2009

Anti-Nazi protest in Birmingham forces racist thugs to retreat

08 September 2009
Last Saturday afternoon began like any other in Birmingham’s Victoria Street.

Stop the BBC ‘rolling out the red carpet’ for Nazi BNP leader on Question Time

08 September 2009
A storm of anger greeted the news that the BBC is planning to invite British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin to appear on its flagship Question Time debate programme.

Police protect racist demo

08 September 2009
Many people believe the police did nothing to stop the EDL from rampaging through Birmingham city centre.

Who are the EDL marchers?

08 September 2009
The English Defence League (EDL) demonstrations began in Luton in April 2009.

Photos of Birmingham anti-EDL protest on 5 September 2009

08 September 2009

Man kidnapped after BNP hate campaign

01 September 2009
A Muslim man from Loughton in Essex who was kidnapped at knifepoint last week says he believes the British National Party (BNP) is to blame for inspiring the hate campaign against him.

Nazis driven out of Codnor

25 August 2009
Anti-fascists celebrated a victory this week when the British National Party (BNP) admitted that it would not be returning to the Derbyshire village of Codnor to hold its Red, White and Blue summer "festival".

Racist English Defence League thugs plan protests

25 August 2009
Racists in the English Defence League (EDL), who were chased out of Birmingham by hundreds of anti-fascists earlier this month, are planning a series of protests around the country.

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