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Four US-backed coups in Latin America—and two close shaves

Four US-backed coups in Latin America—and two close shaves Bloody history shows why and how we need to keep imperialist hands off Venezuela

US legitimises right wing coup in Honduras

There was never any possibility that last weekend’s Honduran presidential election would be legitimate.

Thousands take to the streets in Honduras

For three days now, crowds have gathered around the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. On Monday night they were dispersed with tear gas and bullets in the air.

Honduras: An imperial coup

Imperialism is a term often associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is less frequently used in the context of Latin America, where the roles of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are more often considered features of "globalisation" or "neo-colonialism".

Challenging the coup in Honduras

Trade unions, farmers, student organisations and social movements have called a general strike in Honduras for Thursday of this week. The protest movement has continued and grown since the 28 June coup, despite increasingly brutal repression and the murder of several demonstrators by the army.

Thousands resist the coup in Honduras

Thousands resist the coup in Honduras Protests against the coup in Honduras have continued despite vicious state repression.

Military coup in Honduras reveals faultlines across Latin America

30 June 2009
A coup against Honduran president Manuel Zelaya has provoked protests throughout the country. The response of the armed forces, which have taken control, has been the imposition of a curfew and violence.

Students protest at repression in Honduras

14 March 2009

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