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Red Psalm

18 October 2011
Red Psalm centres on the peasant uprisings of Hungary in the late 19th century.

Hungarian toxic spill boss arrested

12 October 2010
Eight people are dead and 150 injured after up to one million cubic metres of toxic aluminium sludge surged from an industrial plant in Ajka, western Hungary.

Hungary: fascists on the march

20 April 2010
The Jobbik party grabbed 17 percent of the vote in the first round of the Hungarian general election, in a chilling warning to the rest of Europe. It came third with 842,306 votes – only just behind the ruling Socialist Party.

Rulers' fear as world becomes less stable

13 April 2010
WORLD RULERS are in crisis. A revolution erupts in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, in Russia’s "backyard". An open Nazi party takes nearly one in five votes in the first round of the Hungarian elections. In Thailand, a mass movement shakes the regime. In Greece, the fear of meltdown forces the EU to offer emergency funds—at a price.

Warning from Hungary as fascists and right gain in election

13 April 2010
The first round of the Hungarian elections last weekend saw a devastating victory for the right wing.The fascist Jobbik party also made major gains.

Fighting fascism in Hungary

11 August 2009
Veroce is a typical Hungarian village – streets of wooden and stone houses built around a few shops and a huge church.

Hungary: fascist menace emboldened by capitalism’s crisis

19 May 2009
‘Marching neo-Nazi paramilitary guards, openly racist members of parliament, ghetto walls erected around Roma Gypsy slums, laws slanted so that social welfare recipients from ethnic minorities are losing their benefits, fingerprinting and mass deportation of ‘guest workers’, judicial and bureaucratic bias against immigrants and unpunished race murders.

Foto: Modernity in Central Europe, 1918-1945

10 June 2008
Between the two world wars there was a massive expansion of interest in photography across central European countries including Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Imre Nagy and Hungary’s heroic uprising

10 June 2008
Fifty years ago this week Hungary’s prime minister Imre Nagy was executed following a secret trial. He was accused of treason and of plotting against Russia.

A new left for eastern Europe

05 February 2008
In 1989 one party regimes crumbled in six countries in Eastern Europe. Within a few weeks there were massive political changes in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania. The Eastern Bloc, which the Soviet Union had dominated, was finished.

Domino's pizza workers get some dough

02 October 2007
Thirteen Hungarian pizza workers employed by a Domino's pizza franchise in Derby and Wolverhampton are celebrating a victory in their campaign for workplace justice.

Domino's pizza delivery workers hungry for justice

03 August 2007
Hungarian workers at a pizza franchise in Derby, who took home virtually no pay for months because of wage deductions, have been sacked and now face eviction from their homes.

Peter Fryer 1927-2006

11 November 2006
Peter Fryer, who has died aged 79, was the journalist for the Communist Party’s Daily Worker (now the Morning Star) paper who reported from Hungary during the revolutionary events of 1956.

Hungary 1956: autumn of hope

28 October 2006
More than any other event, Hungary’s revolution in 1956 revealed the real nature of the Soviet bloc’s "socialism". What had begun in Russia in 1917 as a genuine workers revolution had, under Joseph Stalin, degenerated into an imperial system imposed by force and defended by tanks.

Hungary's chaotic and magnificent revolution

28 October 2006
It is 50 years since the Hungarian people overthrew the Stalinist regime in our country, in a chaotic yet magnificent revolution. Memories of the Second World War were not distant in 1956.

Crisis in Hungary

30 September 2006
In May, Hungarian voters returned the reigning socialist-liberal coalition to office, hoping that it might continue its moderate policies which claimed a balance between neo-liberal orthodoxy and a few elements of social justice.

Poland 1956: The Poznan uprising

01 July 2006
The Poznan uprising of June 1956 sparked a mass movement in Poland and set in train the events leading towards the revolution in Hungary later in the year.

Protesting against both imperial powers in 1956

11 February 2006
Socialist historians met in London last week for a conference on 1956, a key year which saw the Suez crisis and a workers’ revolution in Hungary. Stan Newens, the former left wing Labour MP, was a young activist in London at the time. He spoke to Socialist Worker about the impact of that year on working class people.

Ukraine’s Brutal History

04 December 2004
Ukraine means "borderland". It suggests a country far away from the heart of Europe. But many Ukrainians believe they live in the middle of Europe—and they have a point. The Ukraine may have a huge border with Russia, but it also touches Belarus, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Romania, as well as Moldova.

When workers rose against Stalin’s power

25 September 2004
AT THE end of the Second World War the world was carved up between the US, Russia and Britain. Hungary fell under Russian control.

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