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Indonesia: the ravages of colonialism

18 August 2009
Celebrations are under way this week in Indonesia. The country is looking back on 64 years since founding president Sukarno and vice-president Mohammed Hatta proclaimed independence from the Netherlands.

Indonesia: Jangled nerves and the begging bowl

25 November 2008
As the global financial crisis broke one of the countries where ordinary people especially held their breath was Indonesia.

Poor trampled to death in Indonesia as they rush to claim £1.75 handout

23 September 2008
Pasuruan is a small, undistinguished town in East Java. Known nationally in Indonesia as the hometown of popular female singer Inul Daristuta, it recently filled the headlines for a much different reason.

Rising food prices provoke angry protests in Indonesia

05 February 2008
Thousands of people have been taking to the streets in Indonesia in protests over rising food prices.

Suharto (1921–2008): from Cold Warrior to “model pupil” of neoliberalism

29 January 2008
The former president Suharto, who ruled as a dictator over Indonesia for 30 years, has died of organ failure aged 86. A popular revolution deposed Suharto in 1998 during the Asian Crisis that afflicted many economies in the region.

Bali: a wasted opportunity to save the planet

17 December 2007
As delegates gathered in Bali, Indonesia for the latest United Nations (UN) talks on climate change, millions of people hoped they would kick start the urgent action that the world desperately needs.

Our world left to burn

17 December 2007
World leaders had ample opportunity to make serious commitments to tackle global warming at last week’s climate change summit in Bali, Indonesia. But they failed to take that chance.

Merdeka | Marxism and Children’s Literature conference | Pink Martini on Later

22 May 2007
Merdeka (freedom)Various artistsCD out now This compilation of music from around the world has been released in solidarity with the West Papuan struggle for freedom from Indonesian rule.

Indonesia's left comes together

27 January 2007
Up to 400 people attended the founding conference of the National Liberation Party of Unity (Papernas) last weekend.

Discontent grows in Aceh and in Indonesia

21 May 2005
Six months after his election, the cracks are well and truly appearing in the promises and policies of Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Who Says?

02 April 2005
"This ambassador didn’t speak out about human rights here."Abdul Hakim Garuda Nusantara, the chair of Indonesia’s human rights commission, on World Bank presidential nominee Paul Wolfowitz’s time as US ambassador

War on the Acehnese continues under the cover of tsunami disaster

22 January 2005
ON CHRISTMAS Day, the Indonesian military announced that it had killed 18 Acehnese guerillas. It was a paltry accomplishment by its own brutal standards. In the time since martial law was imposed on Aceh in May 2003, the army has admitted to having killed 3,216 Acehnese. Amnesty International reports a litany of atrocities in the same period—torture, extra-judicial killings, "rape and other forms of sexual violence".

Repression in Aceh continues

15 January 2005
The Asian tsunami hit the Indonesian province of Aceh the hardest, killing at least 80,000 people there. Yet in the midst of this humanitarian disaster, a sinister story is unfolding that has been barely discussed by the media. The Indonesian army is taking advantage of the calamity to escalate its repression of the Acehnese people, who have been fighting for independence since 1976.

System that keeps us poor made the tsunami so lethal

08 January 2005
THE BOXING Day tsunami, caused by an earthquake off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, has caused devastation across Sri Lanka. It engulfed buildings up to one kilometre from the shore and killed thousands of people.

Aceh is also a victim of an assault by the state

08 January 2005
ENTIRE TOWNS in the Aceh province of Indonesia have been wiped out by the earthquake and tsunami. But human rights campaigners say the huge death toll is increasing because the Indonesian government has delayed aid reaching the stricken province.

Behind every great fortune is a great crime

18 September 2004
A US multinational stands accused of devastating a small fishing village in Indonesia.

Indonesia bomb attack - What's behind the tragedy in Bali?

19 October 2002
THERE ARE plenty of people in Indonesia who have good reason to hate Western governments and big business. Tragically, some of them may have directed their anger in awful fashion at ordinary holidaymakers. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous state and stretches over hundreds of islands.

Oxford occupation boosts fees fight

20 November 1999
"I DON'T know much about politics. But I do know that New Labour has spent the £130 million it got from introducing student fees on underwriting arms sales to Indonesia." That is one reason Oxford University student Oliver Clueit gave Socialist Worker for why he had joined a four day occupation of one of the university's central administration buildings.

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