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Their system is the real firestarter

Their system is the real firestarter Wildfires raging across European countries are part of a worldwide climate catastrophe. Our rulers are content to call the fires a ‘natural disaster’—but their drive for profit is the real cause, say socialists in affected areas

Cruising through climate damage and tax avoidance

Cruising through climate damage and tax avoidance As cruise ships return to the seas following the pandemic and Venice decides to ban large ships, Simon Basketter explores how the cruise industry works

Genoa—when we made the world’s elite tremble

Genoa—when we made the world’s elite tremble Huge anti-capitalist protests in Italy 20 years ago today were a turning point in an anti-capitalist movement that spread across the globe

G7 Summit—world leaders accelerate towards climate chaos

G7 Summit—world leaders accelerate towards climate chaos The G7 Summit this week in Cornwall will see the world’s most powerful leaders discuss a response to the environmental emergency. Sophie Squire explores the leaders’ response to the climate crisis that is threatening all our futures

International round up: Coronavirus worldwide

International round up: Coronavirus worldwide The total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has now exceeded 120 million, with more than 2,670,000 dead.

Bankers’ and bosses’ man asked to take over in Italy

Bankers’ and bosses’ man asked to take over in Italy Italy's rulers want to install a technocrat to push through measures they cannot impose by normal means

Farmers’ protests in India pile on pressure

15 December 2020
Farmers’ protests in India continue to put the hard right government of Narendra Modi under extreme pressure.

More restrictions imposed as Covid-19 deaths globally pass 1.5 million

03 December 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has reached a grisly milestone—1.5 million deaths worldwide.

International round-up - quarantine for refugees, food riot and pause in Yemen war

14 April 2020
Italy has quarantined refugees on a boat, police sparked a food riot in Nairobi and the bloody war in Yemen is paused

Move to restart economy is driven by state’s rivalry

13 April 2020
Global deaths from the ­coronavirus surpassed 100,000 at the end of last week. In many countries there is no let-up in the grim statistics of infection and deaths.

Fresh strikes for coronavirus safety in Italy

31 March 2020
Workers in Italy are resisting bosses’ attempts to benefit from the ­coronavirus crisis.

Italian worker says ‘we are ready to fight’ for coronavirus action

15 March 2020
A wave of strikes has hit Italy, and further walkouts may be coming

Italian workers fight to shape response to coronavirus

13 March 2020
Strikes and protests have won concessions from bosses and the state

Setback for Salvini, but the right is a real threat

27 January 2020
Italy’s right wing League leader Matteo Salvini failed to overturn decades of left of centre rule in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna last Sunday.

International round-up—Get Trump out of the White House

16 December 2019
The US House of Representatives was set to vote on whether to impeach Donald Trump on Wednesday of this week.

Three million join second day of strikes over climate change

01 October 2019
Some three million people joined a huge climate strike across 28 countries on Friday of last week.

Why it is dangerous to prop up the centre

10 September 2019
Britain has recently overtaken Italy for the prize of having the most shambolic political system in an advanced capitalist country. But there are now attempts at parallel solutions to both countries’ governmental crises.

Austerity and racism is on the cards for new government of chaos in Italy

03 September 2019
Italy looked on the verge of having a new unstable government as Socialist Worker went to press.

Italy in turmoil after far right Matteo Salvini pushes for snap election

21 August 2019
Italy’s political crisis came to a head this week as prime minister Giuseppe Conte resigned after far right interior minister Matteo Salvini pulled the plug on the coalition.

Muckraking political thriller that asks a deep question

06 August 2019
The Candidate uncovers the shady side of politics in a way that has us both rooting for a corrupt leader and revelling in his downfall, says Simon Basketter

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