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Austerity and racism is on the cards for new government of chaos in Italy

03 September 2019
Italy looked on the verge of having a new unstable government as Socialist Worker went to press.

Italy in turmoil after far right Matteo Salvini pushes for snap election

21 August 2019
Italy’s political crisis came to a head this week as prime minister Giuseppe Conte resigned after far right interior minister Matteo Salvini pulled the plug on the coalition.

Muckraking political thriller that asks a deep question

06 August 2019
The Candidate uncovers the shady side of politics in a way that has us both rooting for a corrupt leader and revelling in his downfall, says Simon Basketter

Euro elections round up: Far right rally in Milan as polls predict high votes

21 May 2019
Far right parties in many parts of Europe were hoping for major gains in this week’s elections.

Loro - an uncomfortable view of Silvio Berlusconi’s seedy world

22 April 2019
A movie about former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi can be hard to watch—but it exposes a horrible and vulgar system, writes Simon Basketter

Italy’s war on the Roma escalates as racists and fascists force families out

09 April 2019
Racist protests started in the Italian capital of Rome on Tuesday of last week after the council announced a bus would transfer 70 Roma to a reception centre in Torre Maura, an eastern suburb of the city.

Refugees rescued but left stranded on ship by EU

09 April 2019
A rescue ship carrying 64 refugees is stuck at sea after the Italian and Maltese governments refused to let it dock last week.

Refugees stranded at sea by racist Italian government

04 April 2019
A rescue ship carrying 64 refugees is stuck at sea after the Italian and Maltese governments refused to let it dock on Thursday.

How did Mussolini’s fascists come to power?

19 March 2019
Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the birth of Italian fascism 100 years on

International round up: Huge march for nurses in Ireland

12 February 2019
Huge march for nurses in Ireland

International round-up - Anti-racist action across Italy and German forest under threat

30 October 2018
“In my country nobody is a foreigner!” This slogan summarised a day of national mobilisation in Italy on Saturday last week.

Roma reoccupy River Village in Italy

18 September 2018
Families of Roma people briefly reoccupied a camp called River Village on the outskirts of Rome

Migrants blocked by the racist Salvini

28 August 2018
The racist Italian government has been grandstanding with the lives of migrants.

Drive to save money lies behind Italian bridge collapse in Genoa

15 August 2018
The motorway bridge that collapsed on Monday in Genoa, Italy, killing at least 39 people failed because of money.

Hundreds expelled from Italian Roma camp

31 July 2018
The evictions show the impact of the racist policies of minister Matteo Salvini, reports Simon Basketter

Is the world going back to the 1930s?

15 July 2018
The growth of right wing populism and fascism provokes fears of a re-run of a disastrous decade

Italy's war on Roma

22 June 2018
Italian police wearing white coveralls used crow bars to smash the windows of mobile homes at dawn last Thursday.

Italy’s racist government rejects refugees

12 June 2018
When 629 people were rescued from drowning they might have expected to be treated with some humanity.

Italy’s crisis shows how the EU and bosses rule

29 May 2018
Italy in the last few days has shown the reality of capitalist power and its lack of concern for democracy.

Racists gain in Italian election as voters give centre left the boot

05 March 2018
Racists did well in the Italian elections on Sunday.

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