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Class struggle may be the shape of things to come in Italy

27 May 2008
The Mayor of Chiaiano called it "civil war". On the northern outskirts of Naples in southern Italy – the population of a town which, ironically, turned out a big vote for the right wing in recent elections – is going toe-to-toe with the new government’s hard-line "security" legislation.

Italy’s right launches tidal wave of racism

20 May 2008
A Roma camp in Naples is burnt to the ground as crowds cheer the attackers. Meanwhile police round up hundreds of illegal immigrants, deporting many of them immediately.

Behind the crisis of the Italian left

22 April 2008
The right wing can hardly conceal their glee over the rout suffered by the Italian left in the recent general election. For the first time since 1945 there will be no communists in the Italian parliament. This is being put forward as further evidence that socialism is doomed.

The left's death by compromise in the Italian election

15 April 2008
The return of right winger Silvio Berlusconi to office in Italy is bad enough. The total elimination of the radical left from parliament verges on the disastrous.

Gomorrah: insider view of the mafia

18 March 2008
Gomorrah has become an international publishing sensation. In Italy it has sold a million copies and it has been translated into 33 other languages. A theatrical version of the book has already been performed, and a major film is currently under production.

Kosovo’s breakaway will inflame 'cold war' tensions

19 February 2008
The US, Britain, France, Germany and Italy have rushed to recognise last Sunday’s unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia made by the parliament in Kosovo.

Italy: Prodi falls and the rubbish piles up

05 February 2008
The chaos of rubbish piling up in the streets of Naples and the political crisis engulfing Italy are not expressions of Italian corruption and incompetence.

Left wing challenge to the Mafia hitmen

22 January 2008
The 1970s were known in Italy as the "years of lead". A huge upsurge in working class and student struggles began in 1968.

Winning the working class to socialism

22 January 2008
In the first column in this series we looked at how the Marxist Antonio Gramsci used the concept of hegemony to explain the continuing domination of capitalist ideas in Italy in the early 20th century.

Does Rupert Murdoch control our minds?

15 January 2008
In last week’s column I introduced the concept of hegemony, or domination, and how it was developed by the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci.

Europe fights against war

04 December 2007
Delegates from Greece, Italy and Poland all reported that their governments were responding to the anti‑war movement with authoritarian measures.

Crackdown on immigrants in Italy sparks violent racist backlash

06 November 2007
Italian police forced homeless people in Rome to leave their makeshift houses on the banks of the Tiber river last week in the start of a racist crackdown.


09 October 2007
Luchino Visconti is best known for his film The Leopard, about Sicily amid the struggle for Italian unification.

Reports round-up

09 October 2007
Good sense at Gramsci school Over 90 people attended a dayschool on the revolutionary legacy of the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci in Edinburgh last Saturday.

Giovanni Pesce: leading Italian partisan, who kept fighting for freedom

08 August 2007
They buried a working class hero in Milan, Italy, last week. When Giovanni Pesce’s coffin was brought out, a thousand people had been waiting hours to greet it.

The legacy of Giuseppe Garibaldi - the 19th century's Che Guevara

31 July 2007
If you visit Italy, you will notice that, wherever you’re staying, the main street or square will almost invariably be named after Giuseppe Garibaldi. Garibaldi is the national hero who led the movement to unite Italy in the mid-19th century.

Golden Door | Blind Light

17 July 2007
Golden Doordirected by Emanuele Crialesefilm on general release This exquisite French Italian co-production is one of the best films this year.

Giuliana Sgrena: Giving a voice to people of Fallujah

20 June 2007
Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena was covering the destruction of the Iraqi city of Fallujah for the left wing newspaper Il Manifesto when she was kidnapped in 2005.

Anti-Bush demos in Italy and Poland

12 June 2007
Rome takes on Bush

Guernica: shock and awe in paint

24 April 2007
It was four in the afternoon. The Junkers, Heinkels and Italian Savoias flew straight over the main street of the town of Guernica dropping splinter bombs and incendiaries. Within three hours, the town was a skeleton and over 1,600 of its people were dead. It was 26 April 1937.

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