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Hospital’s director held in Afghanistan

07 April 2007
The Afghan secret service has imprisoned Rahamtullah Hanafi, the director of the Italian NGO-funded Lashkar-gah hospital in Afghanistan.

The Russian artists who drew Futurism to the left

31 March 2007
Socialists have often felt rather uncomfortable with Futurism. This Italian art movement, founded in 1909, sang the praises of new technology, aeroplanes and the mass media – but it also exalted war and colonialism.

Italian MEP points to more corruption in Afghanistan

31 March 2007
Italian MEP Vittorio Agnoletto has just returned from a fact finding mission to Afghanistan.

Italian left facing critical challenge

03 March 2007
Romano Prodi resigned as the prime minister of Italy last week. Since taking power last year, his centre left government has sent troops to Afghanistan, supported a US military base in the northern city of Vicenza and passed a neoliberal budget.

Revolt in Vicenza, Italy at new US base

24 February 2007
More than 120,000 people crammed into the streets of Vicenza in the north of Italy on Saturday of last week to oppose a new US military base at the Dal Molin airfield.

Italian school students hold anti-US tomato protest

27 January 2007
School students in the northern Italian city of Vicenza walked out of class last Thursday and bombarded government buildings with tomatoes.

Gillo Pontecorvo, 1919-2006: A director committed to change

21 October 2006
Gillo Pontecorvo, the Italian director of The Battle of Algiers, died last week. Despite the fact his last film came out 27 years ago, the tributes paid have been enormous.

What has gone wrong with Rifondazione Comunista?

07 October 2006
A major crisis has opened up on the Italian left since the election of the centre-left government in April. The main radical left party Rifondazione Comunista is part of this government

Rifondazione: giving in to blackmail

12 August 2006
It is now a little over five years since the great protests at the G8 summit in Genoa. This event put the anti?capitalist movement in Italy in the vanguard of the struggle against neo-liberalism and war throughout Europe.

Rifondazione: ‘We defend our votes’

05 August 2006
Members of the radical party Rifondazione Comunista in Italy’s chambers of deputies voted in favour of the bill regarding Italy’s participation in international peace missions.

Italian left vote on Afghanistan troops

15 July 2006
Italy’s new centre left government is facing an early test as MPs and senators prepare to vote on whether or not to send more Italian troops to reinforce the US and Nato war in Afghanistan.

Open letter from Tariq Ali to Fausto Bertinotti on Italian troops in Afghanistan

15 July 2006
Dear Fausto,

Pulling out of Iraq is Prodi’s first test

24 June 2006
Tony Blair has promised the Italian government that British soldiers will replace Italian forces currently stationed in Iraq in the event of Italy pulling out of the occupation.

A challenge to the Mafia’s control

23 May 2006
After a near dead heat between right and left in the Italian general election last month, this weekend will see a whole series of local elections—and none will be watched more closely than elections to the Sicilian regional parliament.

Mutiny by French troops during the Algerian war

23 May 2006
In April 1956 the 22 year old Georges Mattéi received his call up papers to go and fight in Algeria, just like thousands of young men across France. Corsican in origin, and on holiday in Italy, Mattéi agonised about what to do.

Italy – can the party last?

13 May 2006
Read our monthly supplement, with a lead article by Chris Bambery on Italy, an interview with French novelist Faïza Guène, Third World Reports on Nepal, Nicaragua and Lebanon, and much more

The fascist invasion of Abyssinia

29 April 2006
Over 70 years ago the British government was rocked by what the historian AJP Taylor described as "the greatest explosion over foreign affairs for many years". This was caused when the Tory "national" government, led by Stanley Baldwin, was caught out lying about its stance towards fascist Italy’s war against the independent East African state of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia).

Expect a bumpy ride after Italian election

22 April 2006
The Italian general election result revealed one basic truth about parliamentary politics – the people who generally run society are not elected.

Discovering Italy’s history through football

15 April 2006
Italy emerged as a footballing power in the 1930s. How important was football to Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime? Was it associated with opposition to fascism? Football was very important for fascism. Mussolini helped make the sport into a mass pastime, organised rallies around games and added fascist symbols.


25 March 2006
Problems on Italian left On Saturday 11 March, Italian police authorised a march by a section of Alternativa Sociale in Milan. This is an openly fascist coalition whose members include Allesandra Mussolini and Roberto Fiore, a suspect in the 1980 Bologna station bombing who fled to London.

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