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25 March 2006
Problems on Italian left On Saturday 11 March, Italian police authorised a march by a section of Alternativa Sociale in Milan. This is an openly fascist coalition whose members include Allesandra Mussolini and Roberto Fiore, a suspect in the 1980 Bologna station bombing who fled to London.

The tainted Mister Berlusconi

18 March 2006
On the 9 and 10 April Italian voters will be called to the polls to judge the five years of Silvio Berlusconi’s government. On the face of it, they should have an easy task.

Will Silvio Berlusconi steal Italian election?

11 March 2006
The right wing Italian government led by Silvio Berlusconi has suffered a number of defeats since it was elected in 2001. These include local and European elections. There has been a wave of protests against its policies.

Who says?

04 March 2006
"The way in which I had been able to give my evidence (I told no lies, but I turned some very tricky corners, to put it mildly) had kept Mr B out of a great deal of trouble that I would have landed him in if I had said all I knew."David Mills, lawyer to Italian president Silvio Berlusconi and husband of Tessa Jowell, the culture secretary and a key Blair ally. Italian prosecutors accuse Mills of receiving a £350,000 bribe from Berlusconi

Who says?

25 February 2006
"There is no doubt about the democratic correctness of Alessandra Mussolini."Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, on allowing Alessandra Mussolini’s fascist party to join his electoral coalition

Italian valley rises to save the environment

17 December 2005
There was a roar in the darkness. A mechanical digger was lumbering towards them. Behind it were 2,000 police in riot gear. The few dozen protestors fled from their tents.

Bolkestein will mean misery across Europe

10 December 2005
Whether it’s the attack on pensions and schools in this country, Italian students protesting against education "reforms", or the Irish Ferries seafarers occupying their vessels, there is a common theme to many of the stories in this week’s Socialist Worker.

Italian students develop a thirst for political discussion

10 December 2005
On the final day of November the psychology department of Rome’s La Sapienza university is a hive of activity.

Italian students

12 November 2005
A wave of student demonstrations and occupations has swept through Italian cities, including in Rome, against the government’s plans to increase privatisation of higher education.

Italy’s student revolt

05 November 2005
A huge series of demonstrations and occupations in Italy over the last few weeks has seen the return of the student movement. Students across the country have been protesting against the new university bill recently introduced by the ministry of education.

Italian left’s primary colour is not red

29 October 2005
Two weekends ago there was a big mobilsation against the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Italians say no to Bolkestein

22 October 2005
A 50,000 strong demonstration took place in Rome on Sunday of last week to protest against the Bolkestein directive, a proposal by the European Commission to privatise public services and attack workers’ rights.

Yo Yo Mundi strike a lively note of resistance in Italy

01 October 2005
Britain has a folk tradition that goes back two hundred years, that talks about popular movements and trade union struggles, but much of this tradition only talks about the past. How has the Italian folk tradition been handed down? How do artists like yourself try to link the past with the present?

Italian MEP reveals deportation horror

24 September 2005
One of the European countries that receives high numbers of asylum seekers is Italy. It is now common for unscrupulous boat owners to throw their human cargo overboard with horrific consequences.

FIOM workers in Italy show how we can fight back today

09 July 2005
One of the most famous modern Italian novels is Christ Stopped At Eboli. Set in the 1930s, it is the true story of the anti-fascist Carlo Levi, who was exiled from the highly industrialised city of Turin to a small village in the deep south.

Toni Negri shouldn't be calling for a yes vote in EU constitution referendum

21 May 2005
This is an edited translation of a reply by the deputy editor of Liberazione, the daily paper of Italy’s Rifondazione Comunista, to Toni Negri, the anti-capitalist writer. Negri said in the French newspaper Libération that French people should vote yes to the European Constitution in the referendum on 29 May.

European left greets Respect election victory

07 May 2005
Representatives of the left in Europe sent congratulations to George Galloway after his triumph. We reprint the message sent by Fausto Bertinotti of Italy’s Rifondazione Comunista.

Nichi Vendola — Listening to the people

05 May 2005
Recent regional elections in Italy saw successes for the left. In Puglia the winner was Nichi Vendola, a gay communist and member of Rifondazione Comunista. Here he explains how he won and looks at the choice in Britain.

Giovanni Pesce's Testimony

30 April 2005
Giovanni Pesce was born in France to a family of anti-fascist Italian emigres working as miners. He joined the Communist Party and fought in the Spanish Civil War for the International Brigades.

The real liberators of Italy

30 April 2005
One of the greatest myths about the Second World War is that Allied armies liberated Europe from Nazism on their own. The truth is that many national liberation movements played a key role in driving the Nazis out of their own countries.  

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