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Italian left vote on Afghanistan troops

15 July 2006
Italy’s new centre left government is facing an early test as MPs and senators prepare to vote on whether or not to send more Italian troops to reinforce the US and Nato war in Afghanistan.

Open letter from Tariq Ali to Fausto Bertinotti on Italian troops in Afghanistan

15 July 2006
Dear Fausto,

Pulling out of Iraq is Prodi’s first test

24 June 2006
Tony Blair has promised the Italian government that British soldiers will replace Italian forces currently stationed in Iraq in the event of Italy pulling out of the occupation.

Mutiny by French troops during the Algerian war

23 May 2006
In April 1956 the 22 year old Georges Mattéi received his call up papers to go and fight in Algeria, just like thousands of young men across France. Corsican in origin, and on holiday in Italy, Mattéi agonised about what to do.

A challenge to the Mafia’s control

23 May 2006
After a near dead heat between right and left in the Italian general election last month, this weekend will see a whole series of local elections—and none will be watched more closely than elections to the Sicilian regional parliament.

Italy – can the party last?

13 May 2006
Read our monthly supplement, with a lead article by Chris Bambery on Italy, an interview with French novelist Faïza Guène, Third World Reports on Nepal, Nicaragua and Lebanon, and much more

The fascist invasion of Abyssinia

29 April 2006
Over 70 years ago the British government was rocked by what the historian AJP Taylor described as "the greatest explosion over foreign affairs for many years". This was caused when the Tory "national" government, led by Stanley Baldwin, was caught out lying about its stance towards fascist Italy’s war against the independent East African state of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia).

Expect a bumpy ride after Italian election

22 April 2006
The Italian general election result revealed one basic truth about parliamentary politics – the people who generally run society are not elected.

Discovering Italy’s history through football

15 April 2006
Italy emerged as a footballing power in the 1930s. How important was football to Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime? Was it associated with opposition to fascism? Football was very important for fascism. Mussolini helped make the sport into a mass pastime, organised rallies around games and added fascist symbols.


25 March 2006
Problems on Italian left On Saturday 11 March, Italian police authorised a march by a section of Alternativa Sociale in Milan. This is an openly fascist coalition whose members include Allesandra Mussolini and Roberto Fiore, a suspect in the 1980 Bologna station bombing who fled to London.

The tainted Mister Berlusconi

18 March 2006
On the 9 and 10 April Italian voters will be called to the polls to judge the five years of Silvio Berlusconi’s government. On the face of it, they should have an easy task.

Will Silvio Berlusconi steal Italian election?

11 March 2006
The right wing Italian government led by Silvio Berlusconi has suffered a number of defeats since it was elected in 2001. These include local and European elections. There has been a wave of protests against its policies.

Who says?

04 March 2006
"The way in which I had been able to give my evidence (I told no lies, but I turned some very tricky corners, to put it mildly) had kept Mr B out of a great deal of trouble that I would have landed him in if I had said all I knew."David Mills, lawyer to Italian president Silvio Berlusconi and husband of Tessa Jowell, the culture secretary and a key Blair ally. Italian prosecutors accuse Mills of receiving a £350,000 bribe from Berlusconi

Who says?

25 February 2006
"There is no doubt about the democratic correctness of Alessandra Mussolini."Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, on allowing Alessandra Mussolini’s fascist party to join his electoral coalition

Italian valley rises to save the environment

17 December 2005
There was a roar in the darkness. A mechanical digger was lumbering towards them. Behind it were 2,000 police in riot gear. The few dozen protestors fled from their tents.

Bolkestein will mean misery across Europe

10 December 2005
Whether it’s the attack on pensions and schools in this country, Italian students protesting against education "reforms", or the Irish Ferries seafarers occupying their vessels, there is a common theme to many of the stories in this week’s Socialist Worker.

Italian students develop a thirst for political discussion

10 December 2005
On the final day of November the psychology department of Rome’s La Sapienza university is a hive of activity.

Italian students

12 November 2005
A wave of student demonstrations and occupations has swept through Italian cities, including in Rome, against the government’s plans to increase privatisation of higher education.

Italy’s student revolt

05 November 2005
A huge series of demonstrations and occupations in Italy over the last few weeks has seen the return of the student movement. Students across the country have been protesting against the new university bill recently introduced by the ministry of education.

Italian left’s primary colour is not red

29 October 2005
Two weekends ago there was a big mobilsation against the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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