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Italy’s Rifondazione: the radical left at the crossroads

26 February 2005
Half a million demonstrated in Rome last Saturday. The slogans of the march were "Free Giuliana" and "Free the Iraqi people". The first slogan referred to Giuliana Sgrena, a journalist with Il Manifesto, the centre left daily paper. She is being held hostage in Iraq and was shown on video last week appealing to the Italian government to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

Will justice be done in the Genoa trials?

05 February 2005
The Italian authorities are manoeuvring to stop the truth about their savage attacks on protesters at the Genoa G8 protests from coming out. They hope to use new laws, designed to protect president Berlusconi’s allies from being prosecuted, to prevent senior police officers from going to prison for attacking people demonstrating against the 2001 summit meeting.

Spartacus and the slaves in revolt

22 January 2005
A GREAT battle in southern Italy in 71BC pitted an army of privileged citizen soldiers, commanded by a corrupt millionaire, against an army of slaves and rural labourers led by an escaped gladiator called Spartacus. It was the climax of the greatest slave revolt in antiquity.

Ripping the mask of respectability from Fini

27 November 2004
GIANFRANCO FINI has been appointed as the new Italian foreign minister. Fini leads the "post-fascist" Alleanza Nazionale—the reincarnation of the old fascist party the MSI.

The new, young workers showed the way at Fiat

06 November 2004
MELFI IS a Fiat car factory in the deep south of Italy. About 10,000 people work there.

'It's right to fight back'

17 October 2004
Chris Bambery and Tom Behan interviewed Haidi Giuliani, mother of Carlo Giuliani who was murdered by Italian police during protests at the G8 in Genoa in 2001.

'We must reject fortress Europe'

16 October 2004
The other day 1,000 migrants arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa in just one single day.

Silvio plans Sardinian serenade for Blair

07 August 2004
SILVIO BERLUSCONI, the hard-right Italian prime minister, has revealed that his chum Tony Blair will be spending two days at his Sardinian villa later this month.

The best festival of socialist ideas starts this weekend

10 July 2004
Come to the opening rally LINDSEY GERMAN, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, will be joined by Respect MP George Galloway, Walden Bello from Focus on the Global South, Brazilian socialist Luciana Genro, and Giuliano Giuliani, father of Carlo Giuliani who was killed by Italian police at the anti G8 summit protest in Genoa.

Police in the dock

03 July 2004
WE HAVE just returned from Genoa in Italy, visiting for the first time since attending the demonstration at the G8 summit three years ago.

Standing together against neo-liberalism and war

05 June 2004
ALFIO NICOTRA is heading the European Parliament list for Rifondazione Comunista in the central Italy constituency, which includes Rome.

Brian Manning 1927-2004

08 May 2004
History has always been a battlefield. With the tragic death of Brian Manning while on holiday in Italy, the left has lost its most formidable champion of a Marxist understanding of the English Revolution of 1640-1660.

Strikers fight for pension rights

03 April 2004

Millions on the march

27 March 2004
ANTI-WAR campaigners around the globe protested on 20 March after a call went out at this year's World Social Forum in India. The example set by Spain's anti-war movement inspired marchers in Italy. Two million filled the streets of Rome chanting "Berlusconi's next!"

Challenge to Italy's pension slasher

13 December 2003
AROUND 1.5 million people took to the streets of Rome in Italy last Saturday against government plans to attack their pensions.

'We're not fascists really' say far right

06 December 2003
THE ITALIAN far right has been plunged into chaos after its leader attacked Mussolini, the dictator of the 1920s and 30s.

100,000 head for Paris Conference

08 November 2003
THE EUROPEAN Social Forum (ESF) next week will see at least 100,000 gather in Paris for an event that will concentrate the militant mood building up across the continent. The ESF is the body that met in Florence, Italy, last year.

L'Ordine Nuovo: paper of the Italian revolution

01 November 2003
"The workers loved L'Ordine Nuovo because in it they found something of themselves, the best part of themselves, because in it they sensed their own inner striving: how best can we be free? How can we become ourselves?" So wrote the 28 year old Italian revolutionary socialist Antonio Gramsci in August 1920.

Italy - Anger is growing

11 October 2003
THE THREE major trade union federations in Italy have organised a four-hour general strike for Friday 24 October.

Marching in London? Then head for Paris

27 September 2003
PEOPLE WILL be heading for the French capital in November to take part in the second European Social Forum (ESF). The first ESF was in the Italian city of Florence last November, when 60,000 people took part in three days of rallies, debates and forums. The Florence forum culminated in a million-strong demonstration against war. And it was out of meetings at Florence that activists from across Europe called for massive anti-war protests on 15 February this year.

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