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13 October 2001
AROUND 15,000 people protested in Rome on Monday against the war. The protest was called by COBAS, the trade union organisation, and left wing political party Rifondazione. Also in Italy, in Milan 5,000 protested, while around 2,000 people joined demonstrations in Naples.

Activists head for Naples

15 September 2001
TENS OF thousands of Italian activists are heading to Naples in the south of Italy two days before the Washington events to protest against a NATO summit. The authorities' fear of the protests means that the summit has been moved to an air force base six miles outside the city. Despite the police repression in Genoa, activists are determined to keep up the pressure on Italy's right wing government.

After Genoa

11 August 2001
A GLOBALISE Resistance reportback meeting from the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, attracted 300 people to Conway Hall in central London on Thursday of last week.

New evidence emerges about police savagery

11 August 2001
THE ITALIAN government is still feeling the after-effects of the great demonstrations against the G8 summit in Genoa last month. More photographic, video and eyewitness evidence of police brutality is emerging, keeping the pressure on right wing prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The police killed one demonstrator during the protests. Many more were beaten by the police.

Get on board for protest at Genoa summit

03 March 2001
Over 220 people attended a meeting in Conway Hall in London on Tuesday of last week to kickstart Globalise Resistance's mobilisation for the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. Everybody who was there is planning to travel to Genoa on 20-22 July to protest at the summit, where leaders from the world's eight richest countries will gather.

BSE: They say it's all over-it isn't

10 February 2001
BSE-"mad cow disease"- has suddenly become a key issue right across Europe. In France, Italy, Greece, Spain and, above all, Germany, beef consumption has slumped by up to 40 percent in the wake of a sudden rise in BSE cases.

Cancer link to Kosovo

06 January 2001
NATO MILITARY chiefs are under growing pressure to investigate a possible link between depleted uranium shells used by its forces in its bombing of Kosovo and a spate of deaths from cancer. Italy's military prosecutor is examining five deaths of military personnel who were in Kosovo.

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