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General strike brings Italy to a halt

06 September 2011
Millions of workers in Italy took part in a general strike today (Tuesday) against the government’s austerity plans.

Ten years on: the bloody battle of Genoa

19 July 2011
Ten years ago huge anti-capitalist protests in the Italian city of Genoa shook the world’s leaders.

Another blow for Berlusconi

14 June 2011
Italian voters have dealt another resounding blow to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Italians reject Berlusconi cronies

31 May 2011
Voters in Italy have dealt a resounding blow to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing government in local and mayoral elections.

Crisis deals a blow to Silvio Berlusconi in Italy

17 May 2011
Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was flattened in local elections last Monday which he had previously called a referendum on his leadership.

Massive strike rocks Italy

10 May 2011
A hugely successful one-day general strike took place in Italy on Friday of last week, called by Italy’s largest union, the CGIL.

Before the Revolution shows Italy’s jittery rich drawn to Communist radicalism

29 March 2011
Fabrizio is the son of a rich bourgeois family who is drawn to the politics of the huge Italian Communist Party in the early 1960s.

Huge protests in Italy as Berlusconi escapes 'no confidence' vote

14 December 2010
Protests broke out today (Tuesday) as Italy’s corrupt prime minister Silvio Berlusconi survived a vote of no confidence.

Student revolt puts Berlusconi on ropes

07 December 2010
The fragile government of Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi suffered another significant blow as students poured onto the streets over the past two weeks to protest against proposed education reforms.

International student protests

30 November 2010
Thousands of students across Italy marched and occupied against attacks on education last week.

Students in Rome storm Senate

24 November 2010
Hundreds of students marched through the streets of the Italian capital Rome today to protest against government proposals to cut education.

Italian workers demand ‘Strike, strike, strike’

19 October 2010
Up to one million workers marched in Rome on Saturday against finance minister Giulio Tremonti’s deficit reduction plans. He is forcing through a £22 billion cuts package—but is facing huge resistance.

Tom Behan 1957-2010

07 September 2010
Tom Behan, who died on Monday of last week, made a lasting contribution to the left in two countries and in two languages. Born in London he was most at home in his adopted Italy, above all in his beloved Naples.

Appreciating Basil Davidson

27 July 2010
Historian Basil Davidson, who died last month, fought alongside partisans in Yugoslavia and Italy during the Second World War.

Europe’s workers reject being made to carry the burden

22 June 2010
Italy—are strikes the way to win? Millions of public and private sector workers were to strike across Italy on Friday of this week.

The rich and street thugs: a warning from Italian history

16 March 2010
The idea that the far right thugs of the English Defence League (EDL) might gain friends, allies and even adherents in the upper classes would be scoffed at in polite society.

Italians strike against Berlusconi

16 March 2010
Hundreds of thousands of Italian workers held a four-hour general strike on Friday of last week against the policies of right wing prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Riots in Italy after racist shootings

12 January 2010
"Racial cleansing" returned to western Europe last weekend.

The ’Hot Autumn‘ of 1969: when Italy erupted

06 October 2009
Italy’s "Hot Autumn" of 1969 triggered a decade-long battle between the working and ruling classes. It saw migrant, unorganised workers and women take the lead in challenging the old order.

Il Divo

11 August 2009
Seven times prime minister and 22 times a government minister, Giulio Andreotti remains a senator in the Italian parliament.

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