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The Salati Case

28 July 2009
Meet Castagnetti, Casta to his friends, who operates as a private investigator in the rather prosperous Italian city of Parma.

Win Paolo Pasolini football T-shirt

14 July 2009
Paolo Pasolini was a dissident communist, expelled from the Italian Communist Party because of his sexuality.

G8 fail people and planet

14 July 2009
The G8 summit of world leaders held in L’Aquila in Italy committed itself to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

The ‘Devil’ who helped drive Nazis out of Italy

30 June 2009
For somebody who was born just after the First World War, Luigi Fiori is an amazingly busy person.

Lessons of Italy’s corruption scandal

09 June 2009
17 February 1992 was a busy day for Mario Chiesa, the manager of a old people’s hospice in Milan. His second appointment that day was with a cleaning company boss who wanted to win the hospice contract.

Fascism in Ruins: Uncovering the overgrown ruins of fascist Italy

19 May 2009
Artist Dan Dubowitz and architect Patrick Duerden have been tracking down abandoned fascist buildings in northern Italy since 2005.

Gramsci and the phases of war

19 May 2009
In November 1930 the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci wrote from his prison cell on the effects of the unfolding economic depression and the possibilities for revolutionary advance.

Italian student protest batoned by riot police

19 March 2009
Police blocked and attacked students at Rome’s La Sapienza university preventing them from leaving the campus in order to join a trade union rally in the city on Wednesday.

General strike in Italy

17 February 2009
Millions of workers in Italy last week joined a general strike against attempts by the government and the bosses to make them pay for the economic crisis.

A tradition of unity that can take on the bosses

03 February 2009
The Italian workers live in barges on the Grimsby docks. They are allegedly paid the national rate for the job – although deductions are taken for "bed and board".


03 February 2009
Gomorrah is a film that gives a fictional portrayal of the Camorra, the Mafia-like organisation based in Naples and nearby Caserta in southern Italy.

Students and revolt

23 January 2009
Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland. The last two months have seen a new upsurge of student struggles, leading French president Nicolas Sarkozy to recall the student uprising in Paris in May 1968. He warned his fellow rulers of a "European 1968".

Italian general strike rocks right

15 December 2008
A general strike by millions of workers in the CGIL union federation against Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing government on Friday of last week was a big success.

Italian protests spread

25 November 2008
The huge wave of protests by students, teachers, lecturers and school students continues to send shock waves across Italy. The demonstrations are against the Berlusconi government’s assault on secondary and higher education.

Genoa trials are a brutal injustice

18 November 2008
Sixteen top police officers responsible for a vicious raid and the illegal detention and torture of scores of anti-G8 campaigners in Genoa eight years ago walked free from an Italian court last week.

Education protests grow across Italy

11 November 2008
A growing wave of protests and occupations continues to sweep Italy in opposition to the government’s programme of savage education cuts.

Mass strikes and protests across Italy

31 October 2008
Up to a million students, teachers, lecturers, school students and their supporters demonstrated through Rome on Thursday 30 October, as parliament approved laws introduced by Silvio Berlusconi’s government to slash education funding and to axe thousands of teaching posts. Over 90 percent of the country’s schools were shut.

Mass protests in Italy to stop cuts

21 October 2008
Cries of "Berlusconi, now you know what people think of you!" rang through the streets of Rome last Friday as half a million people demonstrated against the right wing government. Milan and Turin each saw marches of 50,000 too.

Thousands protest against Berlusconi in Italy

14 October 2008
Last week Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi told people how they could stave off financial disaster – buy shares in two national energy companies – yet by the end of that day’s trading they had lost 7 percent and 8 percent in value.

Jess Hurd's pictures of Roma Gypsies in Italy

26 August 2008

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