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Diane Arbus | Pillars of the Community | Hidden

12 November 2005
Diane Arbus exhibitionV&A museumuntil 15 January

Leicester City anti-racism exhibition | The Skies are Weeping | 1001 Nights Now | Paul Robeson Live

29 October 2005
Leicester City anti-racism exhibition

Bob Dylan: reluctant hero who spoke for his generation

18 December 2004
"A song is like a dream, and you try and make it come true. They’re like strange countries that you have to enter. You can write a song anywhere, in a railroad compartment, on a boat, on horseback – it helps to be moving" – Chronicles, p165.

A Cloud in Trousers shows the poet Mayakovsky trying to a make a revolution within a revolution

13 November 2004
Taking its title from one of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s greatest poems, in which the future poet of the Russian Revolution revealed that he could be as tender hearted as "a cloud in trousers", this play sets out to bring us the story of the man himself.

Ray Charles: remembering the man who had music in his blood

06 November 2004

Peter Doherty: ‘You’ve got to dig capitalism up and replace it’

17 October 2004
Why have you agreed to play the gig in Trafalgar Square at the end of the European Social Forum?

Gillo Pontecorvo: ‘My film shows what can happen when people unite’

14 October 2004
How did you come to make The Battle of Algiers?

Michael Rosen on what poetry can do

16 August 2003
Poetry offers many ways of looking at the world, investigating it, and presenting the findings to the rest of us. In schools and colleges, more often than not it's a way of testing and grading children and students. This means it becomes a way of convincing people that they don't know as much as they should.

Standing in the Shadows of Motown: tribute to a supreme music

09 August 2003
Heard of James Jameson? No? How about Joe Messina, heard of him? He's one of the white guys. Still nothing? Never mind. How about Joe White? No? Well, don't worry, I didn't know who they were either. Though I suspect a number of aficionados are already smiling and ready to name the dozen or so most significant musicians in popular music for the last 50 years.

Mike Leigh's All or Nothing – no escape from desolation row

19 October 2002
DON'T EXPECT much sunlight to filter into the cinema if you go and see Mike Leigh's new film, All or Nothing. The film is an almost relentlessly bleak portrayal of life on a run down estate. Phil, played by Timothy Spall, is a taxi driver who has sunk into deep depression. His common-law wife makes more money than him.

Solomon Burke - 'Amen' to the king of peace

19 October 2002
MOST PEOPLE have a favourite soul singer. For many Otis Redding was without peer. Others cite Sam Cooke and Ray Charles as the originators, and James Brown still remains the Godfather. In my opinion Solomon Burke should be included on that list. You may not have heard of him, but his musical influence runs deep.

Naomi Klein's Fences and Windows

19 October 2002
Naomi Klein worked on her first book, No Logo, in the four years before the great anti-capitalist protests in Seattle. It was published just after and – according to the Guardian – sold 180,000 copies in Britain last year alone. Now she has a new book out. It is a collection of the various pieces of journalism she has written since No Logo propelled her to the forefront of the movement against capitalist globalisation.

Porno: a return ticket from Irvine Welsh

19 October 2002
Ten years on, the characters from Trainspotting have returned, this time to make a porn movie. Irvine Welsh sets up a series of neatly timed coincidences to bring them back to Edinburgh along with a new character, the beautiful but bulimic student Nikki Fuller-Smith.

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